Big Brother 14 Reset Week 3 HOH/Nomination Ceremony – Finally, A Smart Move…

Big Brother 14 Week 3 Reset HOH/Nominations CeremonyTonight on Big Brother 14, The Silent Six Alliance was put to rest as quickly as it was formed. So cheers to a pointless alliance that did only one good thing in their favor. We hardly knew ye…

As for the nominations, could you blame Shane (Britney) for making a move first? Mike Boogie shot first by asking Ian if he was going to put up either Brit or Shane if he happened to win HOH, so they had ample reason to retaliate when they had the chance. Plus, Shane knew that he had to make up for his pointless HOH reign a couple of weeks back (thanks Big Brother producers). Sending home two floaters would have not only solidified that Shane shouldn’t be HOH ever again, but it would have further hurt his chances at winning the game.

Then there was that mysterious box in the game machine. Could it be planted to wreak havoc later in the week? You would think that the Double Eviction would be enough chaos for one week, but noooo

Now that Frank and Mike Boogie are on the chopping block together, hopefully Frank will finally put together the 100 piece puzzle that reveals that Boogie is not really a good alliance member. Sure Mike Boogie can sweet talk his way out of a bind, but you also have to win competitions to stay afloat in the Big Brother house. Knowing that Frank couldn’t play in the HOH competition, Mike should have put his greed aside and actually do some heavy lifting for once. By see Mike going for the $10,000 prize, Frank might need to reorganize his severe loyalty to Mike Boogie. Plus on top of already winning $500,000, Mike Boogie has a chain of popular restaurants in L.A. and D.C., so he’s not really hurting for money. Jackass…

Thanks to the live feeds, not only did I literally see Shane’s nominations coming, but I also know the crap that went down afterwards and the winner of the POV. Both events should make up for the extremely long ass HOH competition and the equally weird, or awkward, “date” between Ian and Ashley. I hope they finally put that “dating” mess out of its misery and bury it beside the Silent Six alliance in the Big Brother backyard.

Thoughts on tonight’s Big Brother? Which of the nominees do you want to see go home?

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Photo Credits: CBS

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