Big Brother 14: ‘Vote’ for Who You Think Will Return to the Big Brother House

Like last year, CBS is allowing Big Brother fans to voice their opinions on who they think will return to the Big Brother house for this upcoming season. Unlike last year, however, the 4 returning players would not be included in the actual game (at least not now), but will be competing with each other for an entirely different prize, which will be revealed on the season premiere of Big Brother. To vote, you must stop by the official Big Brother website at and vote for up to 4 of your favorite House Guests at a time. You can vote as many times as you want for whoever, or you can combine your votes. There are 14 (now 12) HGs to choose from, so ‘vote’ wisely. Here’s the link.

Each day leading up to the premiere, will strike one player from the list to let fans know which returning House Guest will not return to the game. So no matter how much votes Rachel or Evel Dick might get, their names could still be removed from the voting line-up. At the moment, here are the former Big Brother HGs fans can choose from and my response to each former House Guests possible return:

Jesse (BB 10 & 11) – Hell. No.

Dan (Big Brother 10) – He’s collected his Big Brother coins already, so no to Dan-o.

Enzo (Big Brother 12) – He should come back only for someone else to do all the work for him all over again.

Janelle (Big Brother 6 & All Stars) – Dear God, yes! Better yet, she better had already signed her confidentiality agreements to return.

Britney (Big Brother 12) – Anyone who has Britney for company is a winner in my book. Please bring this girl back.

Regan (Big Brother 12) – Like Britney, Regan is good company and even better entertainment. He gets a vote from me.

Natalie (Big Brother 11) – She wouldn’t last a day without Jesse’s help, so why waste that space?

Daniele (BB 8 &13) Screw the haters. Daniele was the only thing that saved Big Brother last summer from being a complete Slaughter of the Newbies. For that I’m forever grateful to her. However, she still needs to sit this one out.

Howie (Big Brother 6) – Even though Howie had his misogynistic moments during Season 8, he still kept it 100% real. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get a second chance.

Kaysar (Big Brother 6 & All Stars) – Kaysar just owns, which means yes he should go toe to toe with his BB bud Janelle only because they will be entertaining as hell together.

Dr. Will (Big Brother 2 & All Stars) – Even though I’m in a minority when it comes to liking Dr. Will, he still made for great TV. I wouldn’t mind seeing him dupe one of his past Big Brother brethren, just as long as he doesn’t wreck shop on the other 12 HGs. But would Dr. Will really want to come back?

Jeff (BB 11 & 13) – No. Please, no.

Evel Dick (BB 8 &13) – Same as Dr. Will. Let him slaughter the past BB HGs, just not the newbies. However, I doubt he would come back as well. Then again, I could be horribly wrong on that statement.

Renny (Big Brother 10) – As much as I loved Renny during her season, she’s like a lamb on this list filled with sharks. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again, but I don’t think she made that much of an impression to return to the Big Brother House again.

Mike ‘Boogie’ (BB 2 & All-Stars) – While it would be interesting to see Mike ‘Boogie’ trying to make it on his own without Dr. Will in the Big Brother House, I would be just as content if he stayed away, like far away, from Big Brother this year.

Rachel (BB 12 & 13) – Simply put, I would burn down CBS Studios if this girl made it back on my TV screen for another summer. We are already suffering a heat wave and adding Rachel into the mix is nothing short of unadulterated torture. Rachel has her winnings from last year, her MAN in Brenden, and she needs to go plan that wedding of theirs. In other words, she shouldn’t have any free time on her hands to drive us crazy again this summer. At least I hope.

At the time of this writing, Natalie and Evel Dick are NOT returning (Thank God), but the other choices are still on the CBS Big Brother website. Who else do you think will be the pulled off the voting list? And who do you think will be let back into the Big Brother House?

Photo Credit: CBS

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