Big Brother Season 17 Episode 28 & 29 Review: “Episode 28” & “Episode 29”

Big Brother

Another week in the house and, unsurprisingly, even more nonsensical game play from this cast of houseguests. There’s just something so extremely frustrating about this season of Big Brother and it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is. There are a handful of contestants that are incredibly enjoyable to watch, such as James, Meg, Johnny Mac, and even Steve. But their inherent likability isn’t enough to distract from the rest of the remaining houseguests who are almost assuredly the cause of my frustration with this season. To make matters worse, this group of houseguests, which consists of Vanessa, Austin, and the twins, have played a hand in evicting almost every single other houseguest this season who could have made the game much more interesting.

Like almost every week this season, Austin’s Angels (worst alliance name EVER) were in power. Despite constantly considering the option of sending Vanessa out the door, they are choosing to continue to work with her. While I admit that this is smart for their game, it makes this season very difficult to watch. Instead of putting Vanessa on the block, Austin chose to nominate Steve and Johnny Mac, neither of whom went out of their way to make alliances in the beginning of the season, and both who are paying for that now.

For Steve, there was more trouble this week than simply being nominated. After Johnny Mac told Vanessa about the five-person alliance between himself, Steve, Austin, and the twins that almost backdoored her last week, she was hurt and wanted answers. She went to Liz, who, for some reason, placed all the blame on Steve for this, despite all five of them being equally involved. Safe to say that Vanessa did not deal with this news very well. She and Steve had bonded since the start and she saw this as a complete betrayal on his part. Never mind the fact that she considered doing the same thing to Austin a few weeks ago even though they’d been friends since the start, because when she’s doing it, it’s completely strategic and about the game, but if someone is doing it to her, it is completely personal and the worst possible thing any human could do. Also, never mind the fact that Steve didn’t actually lead the charge to get her evicted. That was all Johnny Mac.

With all of this going down, Johnny Mac tried to use Steve’s ‘betrayal’ of Vanessa to his advantage, going to her and proposing they work together since neither really has anyone in the house right now. If they managed to be subtle about it, no one would suspect that they’d work together. Unfortunately, subtlety is no one’s specialty in this season of Big Brother, and they’d probably give it away within five minutes. Regardless of Vanessa’s efforts to get the twins to keep Johnny over Steve, she knew she had to vote with them this week, and they wanted Johnny gone.

It was sad to see Johnny Mac leave the Big Brother house, as he’s brought most of the entertainment this season. At the same time, he hasn’t played a great game and has failed to do anything to make me want to see him stay on a game level. And on the plus side, we got to see a hilarious interview with Julie after his eviction. All hope isn’t lost for Johnny either, as the four jury members were allowed to enter back into the house to take part in an endurance competition, with the last remaining jury member being given the chance to reenter the house. Personally, I’d love to see Jackie or even Shelli go back in. Anything to take the power away from Austin’s Angels. I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to handle watching another week of them in power.

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