Big Brother Spoilers – Holding Steady on Eviction Day

It’s (double) eviction day on Big Brother and if you are not a feed subscriber you probably don’t know about the desperation that had gripped Frank and Boogie upon learning that Joe was going to vote to evict Boogie.  Maybe desperation is too weak a word to describe it.  Frank was practically frantic, groping for strategy and coming up empty.  Boogie seems more accepting of his fate.

This morning, as usual,  Frank and Boogie are the first two up in the house, but rather than launch into a strategy session the dynamic duo of the Big Brother house are much more sullen.  The big take away:

Frank is still not aware of Ashley’s vacillating

Joe made a comment that gave Boogie false hope, wondering out loud about changing his vote.

Boogie’s strategy of the day:  appeal to Joe emotionally.  Tell him that they promised to keep him safe last week, they did, and that the advice he has offered Joe has worked out.

Late Last Night

Britney was getting all emo because it is her husband’s birthday and she misses him.  Ashley shared in the emo and even cried a little bit. Crocodile tears?

In a preview of how boring the week would be if Ian were to win HOH, he infuriates the Quack Pack by not committing to putting Frank up, instead he’d rather get Joe out of the house.  How many times do I have to tell these hamsters:  save Joe for last!  Eliminate the strong, protect the weak!  Did any of these newbies watch Big Brother before they signed up?

Frank’s only play to help Boogie was to capitalize on his winning streaks and make it known he would protect certain individuals who are obviously on his radar if he becomes HOH.  Frank’s real strength is in winning competitions, so they would be wise to listen since he is safe for eviction round one.

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