Big Brother Spoilers – How a Day Changes Everything

Yesterday we reported that it looked very likely that Frank and Boogie were on the verge of forming an unbeatable alliance.  On one side,  Shane, Danielle, Dan, and Bridget.  On the other, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Ashley, and Joe to seal the deal.  As the day dragged on, Ashley became aware of her own strength as a swing vote, and even conspired a bit with Joe.  Well since that update, the power pendulum has swung yet again in the Big Brother house.

For starters, Joe has said he is going to vote to get Boogie out of the house.  This makes perfect sense in one regard,  Joe is the object of a lot of contempt in the house but the Frank Boogie alliance has been the source of the harshest.  On the other hand, if he is planning to align with Shane and the group he can expect to be their first sacrifice.

And then there is Ashley.  Ashley has been vacillating for days, but at the end of yesterday she had decided to vote to keep Jenn.  However, it occurs to me with the conversation that Ashley had with Joe about how the two of them together make for a powerful Big Brother swing-vote duo, that Ashley might be playing everyone.   I totally expect a power play to take place sometime between today and tomorrow concerning a unified Ashley and Joe.

As for right this minute, Boogie and Frank are having their usual morning strategy session and the panic is thick in the air.  Big Brother vet Boogie is pretty cool about it, very accepting, but Frank is cursing up a storm and trying desperately to turn his frustration into a workable plan.  The truth is they have nothing.  My favorite line is Frank talking about how the opposing alliance of Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Britney are laughing at Joe and Ashley, and why can’t the see that?  Because they are “Muppets”.  As Boogie and Frank put together breakfast, the insults continue.  Clearly Joe is making the right choice, and even though it doesn’t matter how Ashley votes if Joe stands fast, it might be a great time for that Muppet to find another crew.

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