Bill Hader Joining South Park As Writer Next Season

As much as we normally announce news here and don’t really react to it, just trying to keep it as informative and informal as possible, this news has us really excited. We are HUGE Bill Hader fans, so to find out the SNL alumni member will be writing for South Park, full time, next season (which is their 17th), not only has us excited, but has us truly looking forward to South Park again.

What most don’t know is that Bill Hader is good friends with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and has hung with them on many occasions. They hold these South Park retreats, where all the writers (and potential writers) will get together, travel to some other town (like Boston) and just hang out with each other, bouncing ideas back and forth to get some new ideas for shows and running jokes. Hader has done a couple of these retreats with the guys before, and it even landed him a gig partially writing for season thirteen, but now that Hader is off SNL and can kind of do whatever he wants, Trey and Matt have supposedly been a bit more aggressive about getting him on board, and seeing as to how hilarious he is, we cannot help but think this a great idea. A merging that will work magically.

So now, because we dream big, we have to wonder, will Stefon make an appearance on South Park? Sadly, most likely the character is owned by Lorne Michaels and SNL, so probably not, but just imagine the possibilities.

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