Bill Murray Loves Selena Gomez but It’s Truly Awesome and Not Creepy

When looking at a picture like this one might assume that Bill Murray might have been kind of pervy and like it or not there are a lot of folks that probably drew conclusions about the legendary comedian that simply aren’t true. Despite focusing intently on the outfits of both Murray and Selena Gomez, Joelle Goldstein and Maggie Parker of People did present a rather fair article on what Murray feels about his The Dead Don’t Die costar. While some might think that his comment about how he would have brought her home to his mother if she was alive, BACK IN THE DAY, is bound to be taken in the wrong manner by some folks, though thankfully there are enough free thinkers that won’t think he’s being a lecherous old coot. If anything, he grew to respect Gomez in a big way after having been biased against her thanks to her massive following when it comes to social media.

Thankfully though, as Hannah Yasharoff of USA Today has written, Bill did get over his own personal bias and really came to enjoy Gomez’s presence on the set. When it came to whether or not he tried to mentor her it sounds as though he simply did what he could to enjoy her presence as he has been heard to gush over just how great of a person she really is. As for what he whispered in her ear during the moment this picture was taken even he doesn’t seem to remember since according to Bill, and Julie Miller from Vanity Fair, he was actually quite hungover at that time and was simply trying to help her be at ease thanks to the number of people in attendance at this particular moment. Surrounded by press, paparazzi, her bodyguards, and thankfully by her costars, Gomez seemed to be pretty poised, but she was also a little more at east it would seem when Murray spoke to her.

The idea of older men all being creepy when they approach a younger woman is something that is very pervasive in this country in the modern era. It’s typically something that people tend to recoil from since it seems quite unnatural and even lecherous in a way. But there is a possibility that older men can admire younger women for something other than their beauty, and this proves it. Bill has throughout the years proven to be a controversial person in many ways but he’s also been seen to be someone that actually cares about others in a very genuine way. To some he might be something of a jerk at times and someone who doesn’t warrant a lot of respect, but in this regard he’s definitely someone that we can look up to and possibly learn a few things from since like a lot of people he did make a judgment about Gomez based on her Instagram following at first. He admitted that he made a judgment call on her before ever meeting her, but upon getting to work with her, a very small amount in truth, he was genuinely impressed. He’s made the same statement about Miley Cyrus as she starred in a film with him as well. From Bill Murray, any praise is high praise since he doesn’t just dole it out for no reason.

Selena Gomez has been a star for some time now but she’s also been one of the many pop stars that have had to endure the constant back and forth nature of fickle supporters that are there for her one moment and will turn against her the moment that someone offers a differing opinion. Bill Murray has been through this in the past as well so he obviously knows how to deal with said fans that change their minds as often and and quickly as the weather. That could be one reason why he found common ground with Gomez, but it’s also been seen that he find her to be a very professional and likable human being, which once again is high praise for any individual. The idea that he loves her for anything other than the reasons he’s given is kind of hard to swallow since it indicates that those speaking such words are those that can’t see what’s in front of them and are basically looking to cause drama.

In this case however it’s best to state that while it might look like something else it’s about as innocent as it gets since Murray, despite being hungover, was doing his best to be encouraging and supportive of a younger costar that he’d come to openly admire and was trying to keep at ease. While Selena might be used to the hustle and bustle of show business it’s always worth being appreciative of a noted veteran of the business when they decide to offer a bit of advice and comfort.

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