“Bill & Ted” Star Alex Winter Says He Was Sexually Abused as a Child Star

The revelations of abuse keep coming out as Alex Winter of Bill and Ted has now stated that he was sexually abused as a child star. He’s not he first obviously and I’m starting to wonder who’s going to be the last since it seems as though there was a secret cabal of people that just passed around young kids as though they were nothing more than playthings when they weren’t onscreen. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman as well were said to have been abused in a similar manner but were afraid to talk on the subject and let it come to light for fear of what might happen to them. This situation continues to get more and more convoluted the more it gets let out.

I won’t say that they should have come forward sooner yet again. I’ve said it before and still stand by it in some cases but won’t harp on the matter since it would seem that at younger ages some people were in a far more precarious spot. This kind of thing seems to have been going on in Hollywood for a long, long time. Whether those in charge are drunk with power and think they can do anything or whether something else happens that makes them believe this type of behavior is okay, it needs to stop. The victims coming forward now at least points a finger at a very real problem that could still be going on. Whether it is or not the issues of the past being revealed like this make it very clear why the business is considered to be so hard on some people and so great for others.

There is a definite power trip in Hollywood it sounds like that makes for scandalous behavior that wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else. But it’s show business so it must be okay, right? It’s about as wrong as it can get, but until people start speaking up about it a bad situation will never get any better. The one bright spot in Winter’s life however that he did speak about was filming Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. For Winter is a kind of relief that allowed him to continue doing what he loved to do despite the inability he still felt to speak out on his own behalf. The film was innocent in a way that allowed him to feel safe and more than a little comfortable so that he might push forward and allow himself to deal with his own inner demons.

As more accusations and revelations begin to pour in with each passing month it’s becoming far more apparent that the stain of past misdeeds and possible present issues are being allowed to rest comfortably within the heavy arms of the film industry, which seems more interested in keeping its secrets rather than getting people the help they need. The many different cases that have come forward lately since the Weinstein scandal have opened the eyes of a lot of people and allowed those with a dark past to finally let it out and let people know what’s going on.

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