Bird Box To Get a Sequel But It’s Not a Movie

Like a lot of sensations that come and go on Netflix, Bird Box was one of those that seemed destined to hype itself into oblivion until people started paying attention and taking notice. People might be excited to hear that it’s got a sequel coming, but that might dampen when it’s discovered that the sequel is to the novel, not the movie. Still, the next book, titled Malorie, will no doubt be kind of interesting since as you might guess the entity is still out there and no doubt trying to find an angle on how to get in or get more infected people to make their way in. However being at a school for the blind where people can’t see anyway it does seem as though the entity has hit a stone wall of sorts that it won’t be able to get around.

But as it’s explained Malorie will be making her way back into the world where the entity still exists after leaving Tom and Olympia in the sanctuary. It would seem that this time the reader is going to learn more about the invisible monsters that are causing so many people simply give up and give in to their suicidal tendencies. Whether or not they’re going to keep coming after her seems like a moot point since she’ll be one of the only uninfected in a world that’s slowly moving towards the brink. One can only imagine the adventures she’s going to encounter on her second run through the madness, but it does sound as though she’s going to get to know the creatures a little better according to the author. In fact he’s admitted to playing pretty coy with the whole idea of invisible creatures that could so easily affect the minds of human beings, but it would seem that in this next installment he’s going to be bringing a bit more of a back story to the creatures so that people can get a better sense of what the survivors are dealing with and trying to avoid.

At this point in movie horror we’ve seen a lot of different things and how the senses of human beings can be used as weapons against them or as their greatest ally in some cases. In this particular movie it’s shown that sight is no longer one of our greatest boons, but the worst burden that any survivor can be left with since it’s how the monster in question decides to attack. As if A Quiet Place, in which the cessation of all sound was necessary, wasn’t bad enough, now there’s a movie that makes it impossible to rely on one of the senses that humans take for granted the most, and one that many can’t seem to function without when it’s taken away. This is the essence of horror however, finding weaknesses and pushing them past the breaking point until there’s nothing else to be done but give them up and learn how to function without them.

Bird Box takes it to a new level however that seems oddly familiar in one way since the movie Pulse dealt with the mass suicide angle that occurred once the otherworldly beings started making their way into the human world via different frequencies that could only be blocked by the color red it would seem. But where that differs from Bird Box was that those entities couldn’t be stopped it seemed by putting on a blindfold, though in all honesty no one ever seemed to try. If it had been attempted it seems to stand to reason that it wouldn’t have worked since the entities would have still taken over. In Bird Box, spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it, the entities, entity depending on how many there are, take on the form of a person’s greatest fear and then drive them mad until the only way out seems to be to commit suicide. That does seem to open up a big, gaping hole in the plot though since it would indicate that when pushed to the brink any thinking person would become just a sum of their chemical parts and find no reason to go on and simply kill themselves to end the torment.

Is it possible maybe that there would be someone strong enough to resist? Could there be a way that someone could battle past the chemical response in the brain? It doesn’t seem likely so far since the blitz that came on in the movie was so quick and so brutal that people were dying left and right, but maybe in Malorie we’ll get to read just how the entity can be thwarted, or not. It’s all a matter of what the writer wants to put down on the page after all and how the story is going to pan out.

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