10 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Clover

Black Clover is a series that was taken from the Manga and it’s finally made it to an anime television series. If you’ve read the Manga, you’ll know that it’s an underdog story and we do love to root for the hero that’s hidden within. If you started watching, then you already have the gist but there is much more to come. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Black Clover:

1. You can get a jump on the story

The Manga is out and available if you want to read ahead for yourself. We’re warning you though, it’s long. There are 129 chapters. It’s fun to read ahead to compare the television series with the original story to see how closely they align.

2. Critics say the Manga is better than the anime

Those who have read the Manga saw that the anime was super hyped up to drum up excitement over it. When the Manga was finally released into an anime, there were quite a few fans who voiced their disappointment. These are some viewers who like to compare it with Toyko Ghoul, Naruto, Bleach and others that were hits. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and although not everyone feels this way about it, there are more speaking out who do than those that were pleased with the Black Clover anime.

3. The Pace of the anime is slow

Sometimes you can get more from a story when it’s slowly paced. Pierrot is the studio that is introducing the story from the original Manga and they have a reputation in the anime community of enthusiasts for slow starts. The Manga starts out slowly, so it makes sense that Pierrot would follow the same styling. The Manga keeps some facts hidden, and in all fairness, Pierrot brought the plot out a little more fully, and while there is no denying that the pace s slow, they do present a spoiler ahead of the Manga.

4. The boss is revealed right away

Perhaps one of the biggest problems that some fans have with Black Clover is that the boss is introduced too soon in the television show. This is something that most anime fans like to think about over time and be allowed to build their own theories and try to figure it out. This is half the fun, but this move by Pierrot has upset many viewers, particularly those who have already read the Manga. Some things are best when kept secret for a while.

5. There are similarities between Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul, and Bleach.

One thing stands out immediately with Black Clover. This is the fact that the plot is revealed early on. Pierrot did the same thing with Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul. Doing this is okay with some viewers because they want to know, but others would rather have a bit of suspense built. The consensus is that the anime isn’t living up to its full potential.

6. There’s a lot of filler in Black Clover

Some viewers were quick to point out that there has been a lot of filler written into Black Clover when it’s compared with the Manga. The two do not have the same flow. A good example is a flashback that was written into the anime that lasted for sixteen minutes. It only took up two pages of the text. This came early in the series around episode 2. We have to add that the benefit of filler is that it gives more background and it also extends the life of the series.

7. Asta is a yeller

The main character has a voice that is loud and he’s constantly yelling. This is yet another criticism asserted by viewers who would like to see a little moderation and variance. The loud and assertive voice is best used to accentuate certain points or moments in the story, but when overdone, it loses its effectiveness and we’re hoping that the writers and director will temper this aspect of the anime soon.

8. The animation isn’t developing quickly

The animation in Black Clover is reminiscent of the first releases n its lack of movement. It comes across. as stiff and thrown together. A dose of high-quality CGI is recommended by some of its harshest critics. It’s true that the animation doesn’t flow, but perhaps that was the intention of the developers. It’s like a throwback to the early 2000s so let’s assume that this was the intention.

9. Yuno is a fan favorite

There are many fans who report that their favorite character is Yunno. He’s not heavily promoted but it’s in the mystery of his character that people find the greatest intrigue. Not much has been spoiled with the development of his character. He’s constantly compared to Sasuke and Vegeta and most describe him as the most interesting character in the anime.

10. The main characters follow in the tradition of Naruto

One of the things that are remarked about most often in the Black Clover anime is that Yunno is an underrated character, just as Sasuke was. Asta takes a hard line with a loud voice, similar to Naruto which works for some viewers while others find fault with it and believe it needs to be updated and a little more modern. It’s a mixed bag of reviews and while some are highly critical, others think it’s worth watching.

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