Tonight Body of Proof: Megan Closes the Case of her Father’s Mysterious Death (Sneak Peeks)


Tonight on the series finale of Body of Proof, Megan digs deeper into the mysterious death of her father.  Personally I’m sad to say goodbye to this show – there was so much potential in the beginning. However, even Dana Delany’s stellar acting skills and a clever cast reshuffle could not save this likeable ABC drama.

Although we obviously don’t know the final outcome of the episode, entitled “Daddy Issues”, the few sneak peeks that have been released reveal to audiences that there is obviously a lot more to the death of Megan’s father than a simple suicide.

In one clip we see Megan and Tommy delve into the crime archives in search of evidence, only to find that all the files pertaining to her father’s death have disappeared. Then, in a second clip released by Michael Ausiello, we see that all Megan’s persistence in getting an exhumation order for her dad’s body pays off – well kind of – in the sense that there is no body in the coffin, so her questioning is validated.

While the subject matter of their investigation is somewhat dark, it is great to see Tommy and Megan working well together in the final episode of Body of Proof.  The audience has watched these two characters struggle to define their relationship this season, but as the end of the drama draws near they seem to be operating as a team, rather than Megan forging ahead while Tommy chases her around like a smitten puppy dog.

There was some hope that Body of Proof may have found a new home on a cable network. According to Executive producer Michael Gross “No stone [was] left unturned” in their search. Unfortunately no-one stepped up to take on the show.

Be sure to watch the series finale of Body of Proof tonight at 10/9c on ABC



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