Bold and the Beautiful Characters We’d Love See Make A Comeback in 2019

The Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t always open to seeing old faces return to the show. That’s because it’s not easy to get out of here for good, though we do see it from time to time. This is a show in which most people are here forever, and there is a very tight knit group of people who really do make it their mission to be the show. They have a small group of actors and actresses around here compared to other shows, and they like that. They like the small numbers, but they can’t really fit much more into their half-hour slot, either. So, there are not many people we’d love to see make a comeback around here, but that doesn’t mean there are not at least a few people we’d love to see walking into LA with something to say, do, or plan. That would make things more interesting, and perhaps it would shake it up a bit from the whole Bill and Ridge and Brooke and Hope and Liam and Steffy situation that is always at the forefront of the situation.


The only thing that would make Eric and Quinn’s marriage suffer more than the mean plans that Donna and Pam have cooked up to break them up at the moment is the horrible situation that would be his daughter coming home to make her miserable. She’s not entirely a big fan of Quinn, but Eric adores her, which could make this very uncomfortable and very upsetting for her. This might be the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, and it might just be the moment that we all have to sit back and deal with things as they are coming apart. There is not much we can do but situate ourselves in the idea of her coming home and making things seem a lot more exciting, but we can also make it perfectly clear to everyone else that we are going to go into a situation like this with some serious excitement.


Her death is one of those that makes us wonder if there really is anything that might be true and real. Is there really a chance she could be dead, or is there a chance that someone saw a situation here to take advantage of, and she’s just off living her best life or something to that effect while her family mourns the loss of this young woman? She was hit in the head with a chandelier while she was singing, which is just not that believable if you ask us. So, is there a chance she could really be alive and well in the moment? Could she be living somewhere off screen and in a situation that might make her more of a threat to those in her life than they think? Can she come back and make things more fun and interesting for her entire family? We hope so, and we wouldn’t be all that upset about it, either. She’s someone we do miss.


Does it count that he is not really gone? He’s in Paris and his wife is here, but they left together. Their situation wasn’t like a forever situation that we thought might not change in their lives, but they do seem to have some big problems in their lives right now. They were meant to live there in happily ever after mode with their daughter and their other family members to run the Paris office and make things more fun and interesting, but we know that things did not work out according to that plan. They do have some bigger issues to work through. For example, we know that Maya is back with the announcement that they’ve decided to split, and Rick coming home with like a new girlfriend – or boyfriend – or with a dashing situation that will allow him to win his wife back or something to that effect might just be all we’ve been looking for. We like the idea, and we’d like to see it come to reality for us. He’s a good addition to the show, and we like him with Maya. A lot. We want him back soon.

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