Bold and the Beautiful Classic Clashes Week: Thomas and Liam

Bold and the Beautiful Classic Clashes week is coming to a close today, and we are all a tiny bit heartbroken as a result. We’ve had such a good time figuring things out and working through them with these people who love to hate one another, and we are going to miss it. Thankfully, almost every episode of this show is a clash between someone in some capacity, so we aren’t too let down by that. Today, we are taking it back to 2019. We realize this was like six months ago, but it’s good stuff. We get to take it back to the time when Douglas tells Liam that the baby that Steffy adopted as her own, baby Phoebe, is actually the baby that he and Hope conceived and thought died at birth. That baby is Beth. Liam has to save Hope and get Thomas to tell her the truth, and it is going to create the biggest conflict of the year as they get into it at Forrester. We are so excited about this one, and we want to go back in time and look at what happened with baby Beth.

Dr. Reese

We love the iconic Wayne Brady, and seeing him play a horrible doctor on this show was so good. But, this was also so good. He was using his ex, Flo, as his accomplice. He had many gambling debts, and he saw an opportunity. He had to save himself and his own daughter, Zoe, from criminals. He’d become close with Taylor, Steffy’s mother, and was aware of the many things going on in their lives. He learned that her own daughter was upset that Hope and Liam were having a baby, and that she wanted to adopt a little girl of her own to give her daughter a sister. He had the wild idea that he might just have Flo pretend to give birth to a little girl that he would then sell to Steffy in a private adoption. So, when Hope gave birth on the private island of Catalina and all things went well for him being that no one else was there, he pretended her baby was dead at birth. In reality, he had the baby hidden and was about to sell that baby to Steffy, unbeknownst to all around them.

Hope and Phoebe’s Bond

Steffy was over the moon when she adopted her newborn baby girl from Flo, and she was happier than she’d ever been, but she was not happy just how much it seemed that Hope was growing attached to this baby. She decided to take her girls and live abroad for a while because she was concerned that Hope was not in her right frame of mind in the midst of her depression.

The Reveal

Things had been getting ugly for a while. Zoe knew what her father did after figuring out the truth. That’s when Thomas also figured it out and threatened her life if she ever told. But, he didn’t know that his own little boy figured it out, too, and that he would share the news. Thomas needed her to continue to think that her baby was dead so that she would never go back to Liam and leave him. But, when Douglas revealed the truth, everything fell apart. Liam found out, Thomas tried to keep him from telling Hope, and the world feel apart. Probably the hardest part of all of this, though, was when they all had to go to Steffy with the truth.

She loved that baby for almost a full year. She raised her. That was her daughter. To find out that this baby was actually the baby that Hope and Liam gave birth to and that they’d be taking her back was too much for her. She was crushed and horrified to have loved that baby as her own only to realize that she was not. It was the ugliest moment we’ve witnessed. She was crushed, heartbroken, and upset by all of this. What should have been a very happy reunion was marred with heartbreak and ugliness, and our hearts ended up hurting most for Steffy because she lost the most.

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