Bold and the Beautiful Crossover Week

Bold and the Beautiful fans are very excited about the new week that is to come, and we are not going to lie about how good it sounds. It’s the “Bold Gets Restless” week, and it is all about how the many people from the Young and the Restless have come over and gotten crazy in LA with the Bold cast over the years. We already know that some people, like Sheila, for example, have done this more than once, but she’s not the only woman who has come from Genoa City over to the LA area to do what she needs to do and make everyone else miserable in the process. This week, we go back in time many years, to many different days, over the course of many different stories to discuss this situation and what it all means to all of us. We cannot wait to see where this goes.

Today, we get to see the lovely day that everyone learns that Sheila is alive and well. It’s all the way back in 1999, and everyone thought she was long gone and dead, but she’s not. When Lauren learns she did not die, she’s going to let Scott know that she wants to go on a romantic getaway to Catalina Island. Lauren knows that Sheila is there trying to make things right with the man she once loved, Eric, and she’s going to find her. She has a plan to take her down by confronting her about what she’s done and how she’s done it, and she wants to be sure that both Scott and Eric are there to hear her. Meanwhile, Ridge is going to make sure that Connor is a very unhappy person by antagonizing him. Then he will take his time to surprise Brooke prior to a fashion show, and things will be cute between them. That said, we want to take a quick look back at Sheila and what makes people dislike her.

She’s Obsessive

Before we go any further with her, we have to say that it’s true that she’s an obsessive personality. She has some issues she has to get over, but she hones in on something she wants to have in her life and she basically goes after it without any thought to things like consequences or such. She is obsessive, which is a horrible trait for someone like her.

She’s a Liar

The other reason everyone dislikes her so much is that she lies about everything, all the time. It’s not like she’s even lying about the big things like killing people and cheating on people. She’s lying about the littlest, most insignificant things in life, too. That makes it hard for people to trust her or want to be around her, and she’s not someone who makes friends easily. When she does make a friend, it’s because that friend has something to offer her that she cannot get without their help.

She Makes Accomplices Out of Everyone

We should point out that she makes unwilling accomplices out of everyone, too. She’s a problematic human being who does nothing that is nice. She makes friends, but she’s using them. She then makes them an unwilling part of her master plan, and that upsets people and puts them on a path to destruction. It’s never good for her, and we cannot figure out a way to make things change. She’s done this now in two cities, and no one can trust her. But, how does she keep getting men to fall for her with all of her horrible ways?

She’s Smart

What might make people dislike her the most is that she is such a smart woman. She has a lot going on in her mind, but she’s intelligent. Only someone who is smart can do the things that she has done in the way that she has done them, and she can get away with things for some time before she gets caught and things take a plunging dive into the south. She’s a mess, and that is just a thing that no one can handle. She’s got a lot on her mind, but it’s a situation she can handle with her intelligence.

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