Bold and the Beautiful Wedding Week Ends with Hope and Liam’s First Wedding

Bold and the Beautiful is celebrating flashback Friday today, but we’ve been celebrating flashback every single day these past few weeks. This week has a fun theme in the way of wedding week. There are far too many weddings to show in just a span of five days, but this has been a carefully crafted week of great weddings we are thoroughly enjoying. From the time Bill and Katie wed for the first time to the hot mess that was Eric and Brooke and their first wedding to the time when Liam and Steffy got married in front of their friends and family, we get to see it all, and we like it. This is the day that brings us a different wedding. This is a day that happened in 2012. It was the day that Liam finally decided to marry Hope. It was their first wedding, and it was not a good day for everyone. Steffy was not happy about things, and she spent a lot of time making sure her grandmother and grandfather knew what was going on and why her heart hurt so much. So, in honor of the happy — for the day — couple, we want to dissect the Hope/Liam love story.

The Meeting

After being very hurt by her first serious boyfriend before high school graduation — you remember when he slept with her mother by accident when they were both wearing face masks and neither of them had a clue the other wasn’t Hope or Ridge — she meet Liam Cooper. He was in town to work, and he was looking for his father. But, that father turned out to the Bill Spencer Jr.. These two fell madly in love, and they were so happy together. But, not for long. Unfortunately, Oliver (the mom-sleeping boyfriend) was jealous and tried to make Hope jealous by sleeping with a woman by the name of Amber, who got pregnant (but she’s raped Liam, allegedly) and everyone thought the baby she was pregnant with belonged to Liam. This was hard on Hope.

She and Liam end up together and engaged when it’s revealed that this is not his baby. But, then there was a situation. She wanted to use this engagement and their wedding as a publicity situation for her fashion line. This did not sit well with Liam, who became friendly with Steffy after Hope told him she needed to wait for marriage. They fall in love, and that’s a whole thing. The engagement ends, and that was that. She ends things, he takes her ring and asks Steffy to marry him, and they do get married.

The First Wedding

It was a lot of drama, and we know this, but this was the time that many things happened. They finally went to Italy to get married, but it didn’t go well. Steffy wanted him for herself, and she went to his room. Liam thought that Hope left him because she didn’t come to the wedding on time, and that it wasn’t going to work. That’s when they kissed, fell passionately to the bed, and then there was a knock on the door. It was Hope explaining why she was so late. Steffy was hidden, but she decided to go ahead and tell him to go marry Hope. He did. They went home after the wedding, and that’s when Hope found out what happened in his room that day. She refused to legalize their marriage and demanded a new wedding.

The Second Try

When she tried to marry him again, he showed up late for the wedding with a lot of alcohol in his system and with Steffy. Hope was beyond furious, but she was not losing him again. However, it turns out that Steffy was pregnant and waited to tell him. He decided that he wanted to raise a baby with her, and that he was not going to be done with her. That’s when he left Hope. But, they finally did get married, and you’ll get to see that today. It’s good stuff, and you don’t want to miss it.

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