Bold and the Beautiful’s Most Played Out Story Lines

Bold and the Beautiful fans are always looking for something exciting and new to happen around here. We are always excited when someone comes into town and shakes things up a bit and makes us all wonder what is up and how things are working out and what is going on, but we also find ourselves wondering if sometimes the stories that are on going around here are just a bit too rundown. Rundown in that they are old, used up, and not fresh. We’d love to see them come back from the hiatus they are on right now and work as a team to come up with something fresh, new, and exciting. We have no idea what that might be, but we can tell you what we are getting a bit tired of seeing, to be honest. These story lines are played out way too far, and we are over them.

Parents Sleeping with Their Kids Spouses/Partners

You guys. We cannot even. This is the kind of thing you expect to see somewhere in the backwoods of nowhere because you literally have no one else to sleep with unless you sleep with a relative of some sort — and be sure we don’t find that at all attractive, cute, or amusing. But, to find that there are two entire families in LA who cannot find another person from another family any time, anywhere to sleep with and they are left to only fall for the spouses of their own parents or children is just beyond us. Honestly, Bill and his sister/sister duo. Ridge and her brothers/father teams, Liam with his stepsister duo. Is there ever a point when they can just stop sleeping with their loved one’s loved ones?

Back and Forth Love

We get that sometimes a love story has to be ugly before it can be better, but we are played out on certain love stories. For example, we are done with Ridge and Brooke. They’ve been married to one another like a dozen times, and they are literally doing this all the time. We are over it. It doesn’t work, can’t they see that? It’s the same thing every single minute of every single day, all the darn time.

Getting Involved in Adult Children’s Lives

Here is another one that we are a little done with. One of the biggest problems all of these people have is that they cannot stay out of the lives of their adult children. There is no reason that Ridge and Brooke, for example, should have to spend as much time as they do fighting and ignoring their own happiness because they have kids who they want to put first. At some point, you have to stay out of the lives of your kids and allow them to make their own mistakes or make their own choices and you have to mind your own business. You can love and support them all you want, but you have to give them the room to make their own mistakes and live. But, they won’t.

Paternity Drama

All the time. It happens around here all the time. At the crux of the situation, perhaps what we are looking for is for someone to just be married to someone, want to have a baby and have one, and not bother with things like sleeping with someone else in the meantime. We realize that this might be one of those things that is apparently impossible for anyone to handle, but honestly. Is that really so hard? Just don’t sleep with someone else. Who is really sleeping with that many people in the small window of time you can even conceive a child to begin with? You have just a few days a month that this might happen, and they are just jumping from bed to bed in the meantime. Honestly. It’s a bit too much for us, and we’d like to just see a happy couple have a baby together, without any paternity issues, and we’d like to see that happen with someone we like and respect and without a lot of drama in their lives. But, we assume that’s a never.

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