The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Suspects Something is Going on With Thomas

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Steffy, Bill, and Caroline have all lied to Thomas and told him that Caroline is dying. She is his ex and the mother of his son, and he up and left LA to go to NYC to be with her, and it’s been ugly. It’s getting Bill what he wants which is a chance to make Spectra fail so he can take over their building. For Steffy, it’s all about getting her brother away from Sally, whom she hates. And now Brooke and Ivy both want to know what’s going on with Thomas’ sudden desire to leave for NYC.

And Steffy doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to make this lie even bigger. She’s not going to tell them that he thinks this or that Caroline is dying. The fewer people who know about this, the better. But Brooke is not going to stop asking around about this one. She’s not a stupid woman, and she will find out on her own before much longer.

And we know she’s going to be upset. She’s got a lot of respect for her own family and those of others, and it won’t do her any good to find out her husband is this kind of liar. It might be the moment in which this marriage takes a dramatic turn for the worse. And we can’t wait to see what that means for anyone else. It won’t go over well.

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