The Bold and the Beautiful: Nicole is Spiraling Out of Control

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are seeing problems all over the place, and everyone has an opinion. Julius is convinced that Nicole needs to take her daughter back. He’s going to tell Nicole he believes that Lizzie can tell she’s her mother. This is going to make Nicole feel all kinds of things she can’t even control, and this is going to be something she definitely doesn’t need to hear right now. It’s not going to end well, and all it’s going to do is send her spiraling out of control as she further falls from grace.

And there is not a person who doesn’t notice it. Coco is going to tell RJ that she knows it’s none of her business, but she’s taken a notice to something that really concerns her. She’s noticed that Nicole seems to have a very unhealthy attachment to the baby, and she’s very concerned about what this might mean for all involved in this family. Will RJ share her concern?

More importantly, will it take Zende much longer to realize this is happening? He can’t just not notice that his wife and their niece seem to have formed a bond that is more than a little inappropriate, and he might realize what his wife intends to do. Will he be all right with this? Or will he realize very quickly that what she is going to do is wrong and inappropriate and very much the last thing she should do?

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