The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope’s Wedding Hopeless?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are going to be very excited when they realize just what’s happening this week. It’s wedding day for Hope and Liam, and that’s going to change very quickly. You see, Wyatt just can’t stand by and watch as his own secret girlfriend supports Hope and Liam’s wedding and the fact that she was blatantly stealing a married man who is having a baby with his former wife. And he cannot handle knowing that Hope and Liam are getting married because of a lie that he told to his brother without realizing that it was a lie at the time. He’s been very upset by all of this, and we are not going to stand around and wonder any longer if this is a problem he can live with.

This is not something we can support in any way other than to handle it the way that it needs to be handled. There’s a lot that we can support in many ways, but there is also a lot that we can cheer on. And the fact that Liam is going to stand up and ask that they halt the entire wedding ceremony so that he can speak privately with his brother for a moment is one of those things we stand up and cheer for. He’s going to tell him the truth  – but we aren’t sure that Liam will listen. We aren’t sure he will call it off, but we are sure this will plant a seed.

This is a pivotal moment for everyone because it’s the moment that is going to change the lives of an entire family. They can’t just sit back and make decisions based on what is going on in their lives when they all hear this. They will all take sides, and they will all wonder what might happen when these men come back to the service.

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