The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas is Home

The Bold and the Beautiful is back today with a big piece of news. It seems that the long-lost Thomas is back in town. We all remember when he disappeared a few months ago when Bill and his ex decided they wanted to trick him into leaving town to be with Caroline and their son because she was dying of some horrible illness – even though she was just as healthy as possible. And that was horrible for Sally, but we all know it was because of her they put him in this situation.

So he left, he found out the truth about all of it, and yet he still decided he would stay long gone and away from Sally. Things didn’t work out, he broke her heart, and now he is back. And we know you want to know if he’s going to see her. The answer is a big, resounding yes. He is going to see her and he has some big news for her.

We can’t decide if he has some business news for her or if he is really so shallow and self-involved that he might think she really has been sitting around waiting for him to change his mind and come back to her. Would he dare show back up and hope she wants to be with him? We aren’t entirely certain, but we do think there is a chance he might do just that being who he is and what he’s all about in his life.

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