The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Questions Bill

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are going to see Wyatt take a moment to question his father. He’s got a few things on his mind, and he’d like to clear them up. Ever since his brother told him that he and his wife, Steffy, are pregnant and expecting their first baby, Wyatt has had a problem with something. We think it’s something that Bill said. Perhaps Wyatt noticed that Bill knew about Steffy’s pregnancy before Liam had a chance to share the news with his father. Perhaps something Bill said set him off a little warning bell of some sort.

We don’t know precisely what it was, but we do know that Wyatt has a question for his father, and it has to do with his sister-in-law’s pregnancy. What is going on with that and with all that’s happening in their lives? What is the problem, and what is going on with them? He wants to know what Bill knows about Steffy’s pregnancy, and Bill needs to be very careful when he provides answers.

Wyatt is asking for a reason, and he is just waiting to see if his father says something that might set him off or make it obvious to him what is going on. Will he get the answer he is so clearly looking for? And what made him want to question his own father about this? It’s not like he should know anything spectacular about his own daughter-in-law, right? We will find out today.

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