The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Liam Take Revenge?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans hear that Liam is willing to get revenge on his wife and his father for their affair, and we suspect it won’t end well. Whatever happens, there is always a chance he will forgive Steffy because of this baby, but what happens if she decides she doesn’t want to be alone and she decides to go back to Bill? She doesn’t want him, though. She wants her husband, but he’s not all that into her now that he knows she slept with his dad.

He’s mad, and he wants to take his revenge on both of them. He won’t do anything to hurt Steffy because of the baby, but he will do whatever it takes to get back at Bill. He’s to nothing invested in his father anymore, and he will do whatever he can. So if he does this and it backfires and he ends up hurt, that will hurt Steffy.

And there is a chance she might have a few complications in this pregnancy. If things don’t work out for them, they might just stop what they are doing and make this happen. There is always a chance her own attitude and her state of mind right now could change things for her baby and her health, and we would not be surprised if that was the case right now. Will she have some complications, or will she be just fine? We don’t know, but Liam  might be in control of that.

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