Bones 4.19 The Science in the Physicist

bones-419 Of all the places for a fashion magazine photo shoot, I think that an abandoned lot filled with dumped trash would be right up there. Because what model wouldn’t want to traipse through ripped-open garbage bags and assorted rotting biologicals in starchy clothes and strappy, six-inch heel shoes. This week’s episode “Bones and Booth Go to the Death Chamber” starts with a model in this exotic locale. Her photographer is shouting instructions. “Look at the garbage-eating crows! You love the crows! Pretty crows!” Picture – picture – picture. “Now, you hate the crows! Bad crows! You are scared of the crows!” Picture – picture – pic… wait a minute, what’s that falling out of the garbage bag?

Now the pictures are being taken by crime scene photographers. Bones hunches over one of the garbage bags with Booth peering over her shoulder. “What does that look like to you?” “An ear,” replies the ever analytical Bones. “Is that a joke?” “No.” But thankfully there are actually a few funny scenes this week, so stick with it. Booth asks Bones what she thinks the rest of it looks like. “Chili con carne.”

In the lab, Cam looks at the evidence before her in amazement. In her 13 years as a pathologist, she has never had anyone give her two bags of person before. Mr. Wiki Nigel-Murray has returned and offers several examples of cultures that cut up their dead. Sure, says Cam, but did they use a woodchipper? No. Wiki says he gets the point but you know it’s not going to last long. They also find remnants of a ring and pearl in the chili.

Meanwhile, Angela and Bones are discussing Angela’s celibacy in the diner. Angela’s getting pretty zen about the whole “no sex” thing. Once you get past the agitation, there is clarity. Bones asks her how she’s enjoying the clarity. Angela shakes her head. She hasn’t gotten beyond the agitated stage. But her thoughts of sex disappear when she sees a great, big, bearded bear of a man across the street.

Cam and Wiki bring Booth up to speed on the facts so far. Cell analysis indicates that the body was frozen before it was chopped up. Booth is a little leary of this information. “Frozen? As in froze to death climbing Mt. Everest?” That’s exactly it. Or froze to death waiting for a bus on a January night in Winnipeg.

Angela bursts into the lab with a death threat. Her daddy dearest is in town and he is going to kill Hodgins. He swore he’d kill Hodgins if he did anything to hurt his little girl and breaking up would definitely qualify. Hodgins is shocked that Angela’s father blames him for their mutual break-up. Angela admits he may be a little biased in her favour.

Wiki pipes up with his news. The pearl they found isn’t a pearl. It’s part of a meteorite.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, Booth interrupts. Back to the case. What turned the person into chili?

Cam knows. Obviously, the person froze to death while climbing a mountain, where the body was hit by a meteorite and was knocked down the mountain where it fell into two garbage bags which were left in an open lot where the bags were torn open and the body was eaten by crows.

Booth glares at her. “Obviously.”


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