The Borgias Renewed for Season 2 by Showtime

Two new “historical” shows recently premiered. One was Game of Thrones on HBO, which was renewed for a second season after only one episode. The second was The Borgias on Showtime. It took Showtime a bit longer than HBO, but today the cable network announced that The Borgias has been renewed for a second season.

The Borgias focuses on the 15th century Spanish family led by Rodrigo Borgia (played by Jeremy Irons). Rodrigo eventually schemed his way to the position of Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The series focuses on his family (including his long-time mistress and mother of his children, as well as his four children), his new, younger mistress, and his political and religious enemies.

According to Showtime, the premiere episode of The Borgias garnered 3.71 million viewers across all platforms (live broadcast, DVR, online views). Apparently the show is the highest premiering show for the channel in the last 7 years and is currently outpacing season 4 of The Tudors, which was the highest rated season of that series.

Davie Nevins, the President of Entertainment at Showtime said: “The Borgias has become Sunday night appointment viewing for a broad swath of our subscribers. Neil Jordan’s cleverly crafted tale of a 15th century papal family has proven quickly addictive. It’s a tribute to his incredible skills as an auteur and to the extraordinary cast led by Jeremy Irons that this show fits so seamlessly into our line-up of quality shows.”

The Borgias airs every Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. New episodes will continue until its first season finale on May 22. Season 2 will also consist of 10 episodes and will air in 2012.

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