Boston News Anchor Gets Fired Because of a Cameo in Hubie Halloween

Petty is about the only word that can be used to describe the fact that a Boston news anchor was fired after appearing in the Adam Sandler movie Hubie Halloween. Alaina Pinto isn’t blaming the station that fired her amazingly enough since she’s showing incredible maturity in this time and is hoping that things will turn out for the better, but one can at least state that the idea that she wasn’t allowed to perform a cameo in a movie featured on Netflix is pretty petty. The downside of this is that if the stipulation that prevented this was in her contract with the station then it was their right to get rid of her, even if this is a pretty sad excuse to fire someone. Another downside is that we aren’t likely getting the whole story no matter how sorry one wants to feel for Alaina. It’s very true that she could have forgotten about this stipulation and went ahead with the cameo, but blaming the station is both easy and kind of a bad idea since the fact is that the clause was likely in her contract, but it’s one of the most ridiculous clauses that anyone could think of, other than to make certain that she’s not moonlighting and helping the competition. But it’s kind of hard to think of how a local news station could be competition for a streaming giant like Netflix. Sometimes a contract is a contract though, and it’s tough to get around.

As it was mentioned though, Alaina is bummed about losing her job but hasn’t decided to go on the warpath to make a statement. Instead, she’s accepted the decision as much as she can and is moving on, making the best of it in any way she can. The team responsible for Hubie Halloween had no desire to cause any trouble, and had no idea of what might happen, but have not been available for comment. The news station has decided to decline to comment on this matter as well at the moment, which is a little suspicious since if there’s no wrongdoing on anyone’s part one might think that people might want to clear things up and make it clear that the release was on the up and up. Without getting into any unneeded conspiracy theories it’s easy to think that they don’t want anyone blowing this matter out of proportion, but in the court of public opinion, it’s definitely happened already since people want to know why a person that was gainfully employed lost their job when it was for such a trivial reason. Hopefully, the station will give some sort of an explanation eventually, but as many can guess this will likely be old news by the end of the week if not sooner.

That sounds terrible to be certain, but the truth of it is that something like this is usually a blurb in the grand scheme of cinema since the show does go on no matter what happens. In fact, it’s safe to think that the only time the show really gets paused or even halted for a moment is because someone that’s been instrumental to the business has passed on or has unveiled the news that they’re deathly ill or have suffered a huge tragedy. Otherwise, it’s all fuel for the Hollywood machine to be used for one purpose or another, as the story needs to keep going and the people need to be entertained on a continual basis. That’s how the money that Hollywood needs keeps coming in after all, and the only real no-no comes from messing with the revenue stream that Hollywood needs to survive. One might wonder if Alaina has ever thought of going into acting, and perhaps that might be a fair assumption now that she’s looking for employment. But unless something happens on that front it’s easy to assume we just won’t know since at this time it does sound as though she’s moving on and will be seeking employment elsewhere. One has to think of how this termination might look on her record, but then again there’s always the idea that she might be able to explain the mix-up and keep moving on. After all, everyone makes mistakes now and again, and those that would judge this kind of mistake are usually those that feel that their own track record is beyond reproach.

Thinking that the team that hired her on for a cameo might do something to help her out would be nice, but at the same time, one has to think that they might not owe her anything since they apparently had no idea that she wasn’t supposed to taking part in the movie. It would be nice to lend her a bit of help just as a way of saying ‘Hey, that sucks, sorry, and here’s a chance to get some extra work’. That sounds terrible, but it also sounds like more than the team might offer.

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