Breaking In Character Preview

When one thinks of the office-comedy series, a picture of people joking at cubicles or pulling pranks on co-workers may come to mind. Well the new series Breaking In is looking to change the way an office-comedy works. The show centers around workers at Contra Security and the jobs they handle. But hold on folks, this isn’t a normal security company. Their practices in the field of security are somewhat questionable both in a public sense and a legal sense. Tomorrow night, Breaking In premieres and we here at TVOvermind would like to give you the readers a quick guide to the characters you will be seeing during the series.

Cameron Bright
Cameron is considered the new employee and the hacker of the company. He is hazed by fellow employees and in turn he even thinks about quitting, citing the hazing and the fact he doesn’t want to work at the company as reasons to leave. Cameron is very gifted in using computers for his own gain but his skills with people (mainly cute women) could really use a software update. Cameron is played by Bret Harrison. You may remember Harrison as Brad O’Keefe from the comedy Grounded For Life or more recently as Dr. Sidney Miller on V. No word if Breaking In will cause Harrison to leave V.

Calvin ‘Cash’Sparks
Cash is the resident nerd at the office and also the guy who makes the gadgets that help the others complete their jobs. He is not afraid that his nerdiness will embarrass him and at one point his nerdiness almost got him in trouble (I will only that the words ‘Beam me up Scotty’are involved). He is shown to begin a friendship with Cameron and it looks like they may become quite a team. Cash is portrayed by Alphonso McAuley. McAuley is most recognized for his role as Orsten Artis in the 2006 film Glory Road.

Josh Armstrong
Josh is the resident master of disguise and more importantly the office jerk. While not on jobs, Josh is either manipulating Cameron or just complaining. Although not much is seen in the pilot episode, expect to see Josh in some crazy disguises during the jobs he is a part of. Josh is portrayed by Tevor Moore. Some may remember Moore from the film Miss March or from his current sketch comedy series The Whitest Kids You Know.

Melanie Green
The cute yet smart Melanie is the company’s master safecracker. Don’t let her looks fool you as she not only can work like the guys, she also can talk like them. She appears to be the crush of Cameron but her boyfriend (Michael Rosenbaum) may be in the way for a while. Melanie is portrayed by Odette Annable nee Yustman. Some may remember Melanie from the short lived series October Road or from the sci-fi thriller movie Cloverfield.

Oz is the leader and boos of Contra Security. It seems that Oz is actually a mix of all the workers thrown into one body. One major thing about Oz that you should know is that this man doesn’t tolerate failure like others. The others take drastic measure to make sure everything is put right to ensure that Oz does not get angry. He is the one who made it a point to recruit Cameron for the team and you can expect him to be somewhat of a mentor to Cameron throughout the series. Oz is portrayed by seasoned actor Christian Slater. Slater is most recognized for his works in films such as Heathers and Windtalkers and also his work on the very short lived series My Own Worst Enemy.

With a great cast to feed off of, Breaking In looks to be a winner. Be sure to check out Breaking In on Wednesday April 4th at 9:30 P.M. Eastern on FOX.

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