Breaking Down the New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

It seemed at the end of season 1 that disaster had been averted at a very terrible price and that Hawkins was now allowed to rest at ease. But then we got the startling revelation that all is not well during Will’s visit to the bathroom. The disgusting slug that he vomits up, the fact that it slips down the drain with a seeming purpose, and the startling fact that Will can see the Upside Down without crossing over seems to indicate that not all is well, and that something very wrong has happened. Hawkins is not out of danger yet, and Will could possibly be one of the causes.

The boys now have a different game to reference when it comes to the Upside Down.

In the first season it was D&D with the demogorgon and the discussion of just how tough it really was along with a few other obscure facts that eventually made sense. This time it could very well be Dragon’s Lair considering how it is showcased in the beginning of the trailer. Most of us should recall Dragon’s Lair from our youth, as it was at one time very popular and was even hailed as a revolutionary step forward in gaming by some. The question as of now is how the game is going to be used in reference to Upside Down and what’s coming for Hawkins.

There is something much worse than the Demogorgon in the Upside Down.

Will is seeing the Upside Down again, and this time he sees something that looks like a walking, towering nightmare that makes the Demogorgon look like a troublesome bug by comparison. Worse than that is the fact that during his brief foray into his vision it seems to take note of his presence, and is aware that he can see it.

There will be a strong Ghostbusters theme to this season.

If it had been left to the boys wearing a Halloween costume in the trailer then this statement might have seemed to be a stretch, but they took it a little further. The boys are actually scene utilizing what looks like a homemade containment unit for some purpose as they gather around it. While it might just be a gimmick it looks as though the Ghostbusters theme could be something of importance to this coming season.

The barrier between Hawkins and the Upside Down is getting thinner.

Recall how the opening to Hawkins into the Upside Down used to be contained to the lab and a single tree in the forest. Now it would appear that the barrier is thinning and the points of entry are spreading. This could easily mean that an attack could come from any angle, leaving the citizens of Hawkins unable to defend themselves as the Upside Down’s unknown denizens could appear from anywhere.

Eleven is coming back.

One of the best and only real weapons against the creature(s) of the Upside Down is shown making her way back into the world. She is still very much alive and quite scared, but as shown in the ending of season 1 she is very capable of taking care of herself. Eleven is one of the best chances of survival that anyone in the series has.

The situation in Hawkins has already gotten to the point of being real, but in season 2 all the rules seem bound to change as two worlds collide. This October might spell the end for Hawkins.

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