Breaking Pointe Premiere Photos

The CW brings some grace to reality TV with tonight’s re-airing of the premiere of Breaking Pointe. Focusing on the elite Ballet company, Ballet West, viewers will get a unique perspective on what goes on behind the pristine veneer of the world’s most respected dance form. If you’re expecting a bunch of prima-donna’s twinkling toeing around doting trainers and acquiescent colleagues, think again. In the word’s of TheCW, Breaking Pointe will allow viewers to witness “… the dark side of this seemingly perfect world; the jealousy, competition and intensity that exist behind the scenes at a professional ballet company.” Natalie Portman not included. From the snippets I’ve seen, Breaking Pointe is most definitely an eye opening expose of the grueling physical and psychological work that goes into creating that image of perfection associated with Ballet.

Check out a few clips from Breaking Pointe.Tune in tonight, Friday, an 8PM EST on The CW for the encore of the premiere episode, “Survival of the Fittest.”

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