Breaking In Preview: Season Finale “21.0 Jump Street”

Breaking In Season Finale PreviewBreaking In has been canceled. At least, it was canceled until the internet got wind of this news and got angry. The show has fairly decent ratings and a lot of people didn’t understand why it was cut from the Fox schedule. So Fox is actually giving it one more chance, and all Breaking In fans need to answer the call.

Mike Tyson will be making a guest appearance on the Breaking In season finale, which has been moved to Tuesday, May 17 at 9:31 p.m. ET. The team is heading back to high school in the episode. After being hired to discover the identity of a cyber-bully, the team goes undercover at a high school in an attempt to draw the bully out and discover his/her identity. They’re actually heading back to Cameron’s old high school, where he’s forced to relive his hellish high school days. Michael Rosenbaum will be making a guest appearance as Dutch and Trevor Moore will be appearing as Josh.

If the ratings for the May 17 season finale do well enough, Fox may reconsider its decision to cancel Breaking In and bringing it back for a second season.

If you’re a fan of this show, make sure you tune in to the live airing of the season finale! Below is a preview of the season finale, as well as promo photos for the episode.

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