A Brief History of the International Film Festival Panama

The initial International Film Festival Panama, commonly referred to as IFF Panama, occurred in 2012. Its existence was spurred by the immense cultural passion held by Panamanians for cinema, and the openness they have to exchange with all other nations in the world. After the first festival, the growth and popularity of the event has only grown. Today, this festival is recognized as being a cultural cornerstone.

From Experiment to Multi-National Experience

When the festival was begun, it was done so as a type of experiment. However, it was attended by extremely well-known and prestigious directors, such as Fernando Trueba and Alex de la Iglesia. During the initial festival, over 60 films, from over 26 different countries were screened, and theaters throughout Panama City were sold out.

Today, the numbers are continuing to grow, with more films responding to the call to be featured at the festival. Also, there are countless prominent producers, actors and directors who are more than eater to personally present the films they had a part in to the audience of the International Film Festival Panama.

Presenting a New Perspective to the World

IFF Panama is unique. Its existence is based on the need to show the entire world an entirely new perspective on developing and modern filmography from the Caribbean and Central America regions. Those in charge of the festival are committed to continue helping these individuals show off the colorful, genuine and unique ability that Caribbean and Central American cinema has to offer.

The festival even features a “work in progress” section, which highlights certain films for members of the press and industry insiders. This provides these individuals a “first look” at some of the most exciting productions to come out of Latin America. This work in progress is referred to as Primera Mirada and provides the financial funds needed to complete the post-production for the project that wins.

Driving Purpose and Purposefulness

The development of the IFF Panama was to introduce the world to Latin American culture and cinema. Now, the festival is able to connect local film industry professionals and members with international representatives due to its far and wide reach. The goal of this new reach is to help make the cinema coming out of this region stronger and more successful than ever before.

The Festival Specifics

The International Film Festival Panama is a weeklong celebration that brings together a diverse and vibrant collection of film industry insiders, and supporters. The festival also includes educational and training activities, in the way of master-classes, presentations, workshops and more. These are open to industry members, as well as youth and students.

Each year, the International Film Festival Panama is growing in reach. As a result, it is now a notable event that many stars and people in the film industry from around the world attend every year. It brings together the best of Latin American and the Caribbean cinema and helps to connect these individual with the international cinema industry.

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