Bristol Palin Will be Dancing With The Stars

So, who will be her celebrity partner? Arguably, any dance-pro she is teamed with will be more worthy of the ‘star’ title than Bristol Palin, but get used to it, America – according to E!Online the country’s most famous teenage mother will be occupying your television screen on a weekly basis when the next season of Dancing With The Stars kicks off. See how this works? Born to anyone other than failed – make that very failed – vice presidential candidate and Gubernatorial quitter Sarah Palin, and the only place you’d be likely to see Bristol Palin is in line at the food stamps office.

Regardless of her place in the wacky and weird image of modern day celebrity, the casting of Palin is all win for ABC and Dancing With The Stars producers. Sure she hasn’t done much to prove herself worthy of being on the celeb mantle – although, telling off that school teacher and mocking her profession was pretty cute – but none of that matters. Dancing With The Stars is as much about being sensational as it is about being celebrity and Bristol has plenty of that. No doubt the commentary provided through her mom’s famously monitored social network will keep Dancing With The Stars on buzz lists everywhere – not that ABC’s ratings wunderkind needs much help in that department.

Aside from Bristol, E!’s Kristin Dos Santos is confirming through her contacts that David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, The Situation and Brandy will all be in the ballroom September 20th when Dancing With the Stars premieres, but Kirstie Alley – hotly rumored to be competing this season – will not be.


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