Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.14 Review: “The Ebony Falcon”


Last night’s 14th episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “The Ebony Falcon,” focused on Terry and his first mission back in the field with Peralta and Boyle. Also, Gina’s apartment is broken into and Diaz and Santiago are tasked with solving the case. I first have to comment on the opening scene where Peralta creates the game “wife or dog” and nobody knows whether Scully is talking about his wife or his dog. There was a lot of good bonding between the characters tonight and I thought it was great to see Terry handle his transition back into the field.  I also very much enjoyed seeing Diaz and Santiago interact more with Gina, whose character seems to lack the same type of a relationship that everyone else on the show has.

So Gina calmly approaches the Captain Holt and explains how her apartment was robbed.  She lost, “many treasured items, such as her grandma’s jewelry, some cash, and a very fancy count with an eye print.” She wants help from the FBI or CIA to solve the crime, although she works in the police station…

Outside of the Captain’s office, Terry is getting pumped up with Peralta to re-enter the field.  He is nicknamed “The Ebony Falcon” by Peralta, and Boyle adds in the odd but hilarious tagline; “The Ebony Falcon, his feathers are muscles.” The guys seal the deal to meet up at Terry’s house later to create a plan for a gym bust with a Peralta/Terry chest bump, leaving Peralta knocked onto his back.

In Gina’s apartment we discover that her front door and windows don’t have any locks, yet her nice looking apartment is filled with a fur bed spread, a rack full of lycra body suits, and 8 drawers full of underwear (because she’s, “civilized”).

Peralta and Boyle enter Terry’s safe household where they experience the deep care he has for his family. Peralta freaks out that something bad will happen to Terry, leaving him responsible for Terry’s kids, and wants him off the case to protect him.  They worry about getting in Terry’s head because of his fragile return and possible psychological instability.

Diaz and Santiago report to Gina that the only DNA discovered in her apartment was a strand of hair belonging to…Mario Lopez, that she apparently bought. Otherwise, they claim they can’t help her anymore with solving the break in. Gina takes an official complaint to the Captain and he tries to convince them to help more but Gina storms out claiming to, “haunt their dreams.”

The undercover plan to infiltrate the gym was perfect; Terry is the physical freak of a coach, Peralta is the guy who talks up his weights and lies about his gym attendance, and Boyle is the manager spending 40 minutes to set up the water bottle pyramid display. Boyle schedules the steroid dealer to workout with Terry while Peralta patrols.  Things are going well until Peralta harasses an old man to get off one of the workout machines (you can’t skip leg day).  He loses site of Terry and the dealer fearing, “his children could be orphans already,” but he was only outside. The bust is ruined when Peralta pulls his gun and blows their cover, compromising the investigation.

Back in the office, Terry puts Peralta in his place and reminds him that he is ready for the field and that he will talk to Jacoby.  Peralta convinces Boyle to help him solve the case while Terry is interrogating Jacoby, because he will be safe doing that. Boyle introduces his greatest accomplishment ever, the gym’s cloud-based scheduling system, which actually ends up helping to find the supplier and give him and Peralta the chance to go solve the case while keeping Terry safe. He catches the two at the gym discussing the plan and Boyle’s undisputed Bubbleweight Champion status and gets Peralta in the ring to sort out their problems. After only two punches has him coming clean about the plan to keep Terry safe and they solve the case smoothly.

Although Diaz and Santiago admit that dealing with Gina is very annoying, Captain Holt is able to have them empathize with her unsafe situation.  It was great to find out that Diaz has multiple guns, a knife, nun chucks, throwing stars, and an axe in her apartment. What woman doesn’t have an axe? The Captain’s words sink deep and the pair head over to Gina’s to install some locks and increase the overall security.

Overall, I thought that this was another good episode for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and two characters that needed to see more interaction, Terry and Gina, did and showed they can fit in with the other characters.  I already loved Terry, but it was nice to finally see him in some action and not just at the butt of a strong sympathetic guy joke.  As for Gina, this was the first time I thought the was consistently funny and not coming off as really ditzy, while  also interacted really well with Diaz and Santiago, so hopefully there will be more of that.

Some other things I liked about the Episode:

  • There wasn’t much from Captain Holt tonight, but I enjoyed Peralta’s “give me back my glasses” impression and then later Holt’s smile about Terry punching Peralta.
  • Joe Lo Truglio is just getting funnier and reminds me a lot of Aziz Ansari’s, Tom, on Parks and Rec, providing a ton of laughs.  Tonight he coined the term “gymfiltrating”.
  • Gina has homemade Joseph Gordon-Levitt nesting dolls, and her favorite comedy is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  • Peralta was the strongest kid a camp 7 summers in a row.
  • And Terry loves yogurt parfaits.

Did you enjoy last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

[Photo via Beth Dubber/FOX]

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