Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Modern Family: Hiding Pregnancies


If you have been watching the hilarious third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and if you haven’t then you need to start), you may have noticed something different about actress Melissa Fumero. Fumero, who plays straighlaced Detective Amy Santiago gave birth to her first child Enzo in late March. About half-way through the season, it was noticeable that Fumero was pregnant. However, creative scenarios including wearing overcoats and carrying large purses were used to cover up Fumero’s baby bump in order to continue filming on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Of course, this is not the first time a pregnancy needed to be covered up on a hit TV show. Take a look at these five other pregnancy cover-ups, two of which were on the same series at the same time!

Julie Bowen – Modern Family

You may not have realized that Julie Bowen was pregnant when she filmed the pilot episode of the ABC comedy Modern Family. By the time the series was picked up, Bowen had given birth and her pregnancy did not to be hidden by laundry baskets and pillows any longer.

Courteney Cox - Friends

Courteney Cox was having difficulty conceiving a child while filming the NBC series Friends. By the tenth season, Cox was finally pregnant. To conceal her small baby bump, Cox was often shown sitting or wearing long scarves. However, it was still obvious Cox was pregnant to fans.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Seinfeld

Julia Louis-Dreyfus became pregnant during the third season of Seinfeld. In order to hide her noticeably bigger belly, Elaine was often shown in large trench coats. At times, she would even be holding groceries, laundry baskets, or even presents so viewers would not notice her pregnancy.

Alyson Hannigan - How I Met Your Mother

The first time Alyson Hannigan was pregnant, the writers of How I Met Your Mother did not incorporate the baby into Lily’s story. The writers did however come up with funny ideas to explain the bump including hiding it with a basketball or explaining the weight gain from a hot dog eating contest. Hannigan would miss several episodes due to her pregnancy and her character’s absence was explained by hearing an inappropriate story from Barney that caused her to not want to be around him for a few months.

Cobie Smulders - How I Met Your Mother

Hannigan’s co-star Cobue Smulders was pregnant the same time she was, but she did not miss the filming of any episodes. Smulder’s character Robin did not become pregnant, so Smulder’s bump was covered with large clothing and shooting Robin usually sitting at the bar drinking with her friends.

What other actresses had to hide their pregnancy while working on their TV series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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