Brooklyn Nine-Nine Preview: Jake and Amy Lose Cheddar

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The one question on everyone’s mind tonight as they watch a brand new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be “who let the dogs out?” Okay, so maybe there will only be one dog and maybe we already know the answer, but I hope this classic 90s song gets stuck in your head anyway. In tonight’s episode, we’ll see Holt entrust Jake and Amy with watching his dog, Cheddar, while he’s away on vacation visiting his husband. Amy is an obvious choice as someone to trust and perhaps Holt chose her and Jake thinking that she’d be able to keep him in line. As we’ll quickly find out in this episode, not even Amy can stop chaos from happening when her and Jake are put in charge. When Cheddar escapes, these two will have to work together to get him back before Holt returns, essentially living out every dog-sitters worst nightmare.

Meanwhile at the precinct, we’ll see the relationship between Rosa and Adrian Pimento heat up. It was established last episode that Rosa has a bit of a crush on the detective, who had been away for years working deep undercover and has now returned mentally unstable. While not exactly the perfect setup for a healthy relationship, this does promise to bring a lot of comedy as the two explore one of the weirdest relationships the show has ever seen. And that includes all the odd relationships Charles has been a part of. Will sparks fly between the two or will they crash and burn? Watch the promo below and find out tonight at 9:00pm/8:00pm central on FOX.


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