Exclusive: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews Quizzed About the Super Bowl, Wait Till you See His Answers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting a much-coveted post-Super Bowl episode this Sunday, and to celebrate, FOX tracked down the only member of the cast who used to be in the NFL, Terry Crews! What, you were expecting it to be Andy Samberg?

Crews was a linebacker in his heyday, and played for the Rams, Chargers, Redskins and Eagles. Here, he’s being tested on his Super Bowl trivia knowledge. All in all, he does pretty well, and we learn that he loves the Cowboys and really, really hates the Steelers. Sorry Pittsburgh fans.

I’ve only recently started to get into Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but Crews is easily my favorite character as a tough sergeant turned hesitant field cop due to the fact he has two adorable little girls to take care of. I think the scene where he starts curling printers in the office the ensure he gets his workout in is my favorite of the series.

Look for a new Brooklyn Nine-Nine following the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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