10 Things You Didn’t Know About Buffie Purcelle

Buffie Purcelle is an American reality star who became popular after she appeared on the reality television series “Married to Medicine. She is the wife of Dr. David Purselle, who practices psychiatry in Atlanta, Georgia. She stands by her man and assists him with running his practice, but there are quite a few things that fans of the show are not aware of. Buffie is an interesting lady, and after looking into her past and personal life, we learned new facts that fans might enjoy hearing about, so here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Buffie Purcelle.

1. She’s a professional in finance

Buffie Purcelle has spent more than twenty years of her life as a tax and personal finance expert. She offers guidance for clients who need to better understand the tax world and how to manage their personal finances. She’s not the kind of lady who just depends on her total support from her husband. She’s been out in the real world and earned her own income as an independent woman who just happens to be married.

2. Buffie is a serial entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneurs are the people who love to start new businesses, and often, they have a long string of them to their credit. This is the category that Buffie falls under. She has had her share of successes as well as failures. Her passion at the moment is in helping women to become successful in their business ventures. One thing about her that is impressive is her honesty. Buffie is open about the failures she’s had and she shares what she has learned from them.

3. Tax preparation runs in Buffie’s family

When it comes to the profession of tax preparation, Buffie is following in the footsteps of her family. In fact, she is a third-generation tax professional. This is the business that her parents and grandparents pursued and she’s just carrying on that tradition, and she happens to be good at it.

4. She believes in looking for the good in people

Another thing that we can appreciate about Buffie is that she tries to see the good in people versus the bad. She has come to the realization in her life that there are negative aspects in all of our lives and you don’t have to look very hard to find the “bad.” She’s made the decision to always look for the good in other people. This is a positive attitude and it makes her more fun to be around. It’s her official motto.

5. Buffie Purcelle created her wealth on her own

Even though Buffie is married to a very successful and respected psychiatrist, she is a businesswoman and a hard-working one at that. While she helps him with his practice, she is also a self-made woman who has made her own personal wealth. The tax business is just one of the things that she has done. In addition to helping with his office in Atlanta, she also assists him with a telemedicine practice located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They spend half of the year living there. In addition to running her retail tax and financial management business, she helps run two medical practices.

6. She’s a dog lover

Buffie Purcelle is not the mom of any human children, but she does have two dogs, whom she adores. She and David are pet parents of dogs named Louie and Prada. They do have a very close relationship with three nephews whose names are Terrence, Aiden, and Jalen.

7. Buffie has put herself on a budget

When Buffie hosted a Fab and Frugal party for the MTM ladies at her home, they were taken aback with the size of her home. In a way, the grand home undermined the principle behind having a frugal party, which one of the ladies remarked about. Although the home is huge, Buffie continued on with her lessons about how to enjoy fabulous things on a budget. She’s all about being frugal while enjoying the finer things in life without breaking the bank.

8. She’s a self-described job creator

As a serial entrepreneur, Buffie prefers to characterize herself as a “job creator.” She maintains her accounting practice while managing several other businesses all at the same time. She is also the founder of a small business management firm called Buffie, LLC. She also runs several other companies. She has a brilliant and analytical mind and she’s great at coming up with good ideas and making them work. We are assuming that she must be a good judge of character who hires talented staff and lets them do their jobs in running her multiple companies. It’s certainly more than one person can reasonably do on their own.

9. Buffie is also into home renovations

You wouldn’t think that either David or Buffie would have any time whatsoever to spare, but somehow they seem to find the time to stuff one more business venture into the mix. In their spare time, they renovate homes and rental houses. They own several of them, and there is always work that needs to be done.

10. She’s a charitable person

Buffie also makes time in her schedule to support a variety of charities she deems worthy. She has served as a volunteer for the Partnership Against Domestic Violence as well as the Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure Foundation. She also serves as an image consultant for the local chapter of Dress for Success. There are several other charities that Buffie believes in and supports both financially and with the time that she can spare to help out. She spreads herself a bit on the thin side, but one of the things that we most admire about Buffie Purcelle is that she has a big heart and she cares about others. She’s also one of the best time managers in the world.

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