Bullets, Ladies, and Questionable Morality: 5 Reasons Why Human Target is the Pleasant Surprise of 2010

Back when I heard Fox had optioned the rights to DC/Vertigo title Human Target, my initial reaction was a groan of dismay. I have to admit: I’m not a huge fan of the book. Not because I think it’s a bad comic, because it’s not. It’s just not MY kind of comic. Also, I was confident that Fox would cancel it unjustly after 5 episodes. But then I saw the casting, and I was sunk. Chi McBride and Jackie Earl Haley in a show TOGETHER? At that point I had a moral obligation to watch. So on January 15th, I set up TV tray and braced myself for the worst.

I was blown away. Figuratively, at least. Today Human Target is one of my favorite shows of the season. And in spite of Fox’s typical shenanigans of shuffling it from that original Friday night premier, to a Monday time slot, then to a Wednesday time slot, it has held on and seems to slowly be gaining steam. If you haven’t tuned in, you’re missing out. Here are 5 reasons why you should give Human Target a chance:


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