Bungie Should Start Doing More Community Votes for Destiny 2 Armor

Destiny 2 Dino Armor

Recently, Bungie revealed concept art for potential new Destiny 2 armor ornaments for Festival of the Lost on a This Week at Bungie blog post. The post states “We’re rapidly approaching spring but are already planning for Festival of the Lost later this year. We’re excited to share previews of two concepts we have for Eververse which can be purchased for Silver or earned via Bright Dust. Check them out! Movie Monsters VS Dinosaurs! Two larger-than-life legends battle for control over this year’s Festival of the Lost. The universe isn’t big enough for both of them and they have only one goal: Winning your vote. Now you might be thinking, “Hey, that dinosaur has some pretty good policy ideas.” But maybe the Movie Monster charging towards you as you fill out your ballot is making you nervous. We get it, it’s a high-pressure situation. Now choose!”

Team Dino

As you can see Team Dino above, all 3 classes (Hunter, Warlock, and Titan) pictured left to right are fitted with a dazzling display of dino destruction (if it wasn’t clear already, I enjoy alliteration quite a bit). Each Guardian class boasts clawed boots and the head of a dinosaur lays atop their skull. Personally, I pulled for Team Dino, because I think dinosaurs are super cool, though Team Monster does also have its advantages.

Team Monster

Destiny 2 Monster Armor

It seems fitting that with the upcoming release of Godzilla vs Kong, Bungie would come up with concept art for some epic monster-based armor. I am actually a fan of this armor and while I pulled more for the dinosaur armor, I actually like the monster Warlock armor quite a bit more than the former armor sets. However, I am a bit confused on which monster the Titan armor set is supposed to resemble? Is it a Cyclops? A unicorn? It’s kind of got something that looks like it could be a unicorn horn on the top of its helmet, but it also has some hairy leg armor, so I’m not exactly sure what this could be.

More Feedback

I think that Bungie did a really awesome thing allowing the community to vote on which armor set will be included as the next Festival of the Lost armor set and absolutely needs to start doing more of these votes in the future. I think this system of voting would be perfect for Bungie to bring the community even closer into the development of the game as well as help the community feel like their opinions help in shaping aspects of the game moving forward. I also don’t think that this can be limited specifically to event armor sets either, why not Season Pass armor sets? Why not weapons? I think it would be awesome if Bungie put a poll on Twitter or a survey on another This Week at Bungie post that said “Hey, do you guys want an SMG that can shoot Stasis bullets, or a Caster-frame sword that shoots a melting wave of flames at your enemies and sets them on fire?” Obviously I don’t think the Stasis SMS would go over well with many players, but I do think it should aptly be named “Brrrrrr” if it ever does join the ever-growing roster of Exotic weapons. While I don’t even think this would be a question (clearly the sword would win..maybe call it Dragon’s Fang?), it was just an example of the future choices that Bungie could offer the community.

While I know that Bungie can’t leave every decision up to the community, I do think that it would be cool to see more of this interactivity between Bungie and the playerbase in the future. I still want Brrrrrr in my Exotic weapon arsenal, though. If you’re wondering which armor set won the Team Dino vs Team Monster contest….it was always going to be Team Dino. So it looks like we know what armor set we’ll be getting for this year’s Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2! The only question left is will Team Monster’s armor ever show up in a future event? It would be a shame if that concept art was made for this contest and then completely left on the cutting room floor. I would love to see the Team Monster armor set show up again maybe in next year’s Festival of the Lost event or maybe an upcoming Season Pass? I don’t know exactly where Bungie would fit it in, but I definitely don’t want this to be the last we’ve seen of the Team Monster Destiny 2 armor set.

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