Burn Notice 2.13 “Bad Breaks”

burn-notice-3Previously on Burn Notice: Michael got burned. He found out the name of the bomber who tried to kill him. He found the bank account number of the guy who hired the guy who tried to kill him. He kissed Fiona. He got all hot and sweaty. He wore a Speedo.

Michael VOs that there are lots of ways to get information–but the best way is with a free lunch. Hell, wait until Friday and all I would need is a free drink. Sam and Michael are walking down a path of what looks like a park and Sam is complaining that Michael never treats him to lunches at places this fancy. Michael reminds Sam that he is happy with a $3 beer so what’s the point. It seems that our favorite money launderer Barry has tracked down the owner of the Cayman bank account and Michael is eager to get the name. That means lunch at the Chadwick. At lunch, Barry is all sweaty and curious and questioning and suspicious. Michael, realizing that Barry is bugged, ends the lunch (before Sam gets his mojito–poor Sam) and gets up to leave. But wait, it’s our favorite Government Agent–Jason Bly! He had Barry wired up in an attempt to nail Michael. Oh, Jason. I’ve missed you. You are a much more fun advisary than Carla. Michael reminds Jason that he was supposed to stay out of Miami–that was the point of the whole black mail thing to begin with. Jason remembers, but believes that Miami was just too charming to forget. Plus he wants that blackmail file back.

Fiona and Michael are paying for lunch while discussing the blackmail file. Michael seems to be a tad bit discombobulated trying to figure out how much money to leave. Oh, Michael. I feel your pain. Math Sucks. In a move that I deem AWESOME, Fiona takes the bill and money from Micheal, throws down some money and pockets the rest. You go, Fiona! Fiona’s advice to Michael about Bly is to pull the trigger on the blackmail. Michael can’t do that since Bly can connect him to the search for the name on the Cayman account.

Michael and Fiona return to the loft to find the place closed off with Biohazard tape. They enter to find Bly and his minions tearing up Michael’s loft, including a green chair that I swear my grandfather had in his waiting room back in the 70’s. Bly is enjoying jerking Michael around. Fi is not so amused, especially when Bly comments about her clothing. Michael restrains Fiona, and tells Bly that he will pack a bag and leave. Bly has oh so helpfully packed a bag for Michael. It appears to be full of clothes that only a member of the Pink Ladies would enjoy. Bly thinks it looks like Michael dresses like an Easter Egg. I think Bly is jelass! Michael grabs the bag, and heads off to….

Madeline’s. Why in the world doesn’t he ever stay with Fiona or Sam? Don’t get me wrong, I love Madeline and think it is a crime that she isn’t utilized more, but, really? Anyway, as Madeline chain smokes her way through another pack, she warns Michael about bringing toxic mold into her house. Madeline is glad that Michael has left the apartment since she didn’t think the place was all that healthy. She then proceeds to blow a HUGE amount of cigarette smoke straight into Michael’s face. Hee! I love Madeline. She is so lovable, yet very exasperating. Madeline wants to introduce Michael to her friend, Paula. Paula wanted to follow up with Michael about some advice he had given her about a guy she met on the internet. Michael is shaking his head either in disbelief at his mother’s antics or because he can’t remember Paula.

Paula tells Michael that she followed his advice and ignored all of Prescott’s emails, but he won’t leave her alone. She fears she is being stalked. Michael asks if she wants him to talk to Prescott. Paula accepts this offer gracefully and sounds very relieved. Michael tells her he talk to him right after unpacking his bag. Madeline tells Michael that she will put his bag away. She assures Paula that “Michael will take care of everything.” I think it is really sweet the confidence that Madeline has in Michael. Paula tells Michael where Prescott lives and gives him the online dating profile. Michael assures her it will be fine.

Michael and Sam set out searching for Prescott. They don’t have a lot of luck. Michael asks Sam to look up the IP address on the dating profile and see if any new info can be found. Sam agrees to do this, but first he has a date. With a woman who made millions from a beer distributorship. (Side note, my dad told me the other day that my grandfather and some of his friends had an opportunity to buy a Coca Cola bottling company way back when. My grandfather wanted to do it, but the others thought it was a bad deal! I would love never having to pay for Diet Coke!) She has a home in Antigua with a Quad Kegerator. A refrigerator that holds 4 kegs! Sounds like Frat Boy Heaven! Michael’s phone rings as Sam heads off for his Perfect Woman date. It’s Paula. Prescott has been driving past her work and it’s freaking her out. Michael heads off her way.

Paula is walking Michael around her work. Prescott keeps walking and driving by her work. She is an assistant manager and can’t have these shenanigans at work. We got a little exposition about how Paula works in an Appointment Only Private Bank and Safe Deposit Company. Paula is worried that Prescott will disrupt her day. Michael asks Paula if Prescott seems interested in her job, in this place, but before she can answer, Bly walks into the bank. It’s worth noting, that when Bly walks in there is a large delivery type truck parked on the street in front of the bank. Bly and Michael chat back and forth about what they each want. Michael threatens to take it “nuclear” and Bly calls him on it. About this time Paula approaches Michael saying that Prescott is there. Prescott–and I’m sorry, I will call him Prescott so as not to confuse people, but this dude’s name is Badger– has just entered the bank and brought with him 5 guys all in suits and carrying bags. I don’t get this bank. It supposed to be ULTRAEXCLUSIVE and has a guard, but anyone can just walk in to the place? I thought you had to have an appointment? Michael realizes that Prescott is not a stalker, but a thief. Prescott tells the crowd to drop their cell phones and head to the conference room. There is a momentary pause while everyone gives the “Holy Crap” look to the people around them. Prescott rolls his eyes and pulls a gun, shooting it into the ceiling. This sends the hostages to the conference room quickly.

Prescott and his band of merry thieves run around doing bank robbery things–locking doors, herding people around, breaking into locked offices, yelling orders. Bly suggests leveling the field a little by stealing some guns. Michael reminds him that the field is full of hostages, so getting into a shoot out is probably not a good idea. Bly wants to act, Michael wants to be cautious. Michael begins to move toward the hostages telling them that everything will be fine, and when he turns back around, Bly has positioned himself by the door. As a hostage is pushed into the room, Bly grabs the gun from a robber only to be hit over the head with another gun by Prescott. He falls to the floor and loses the gun. Michael is not impressed. Prescott advises the hostages, giving them these rules:

  1. No attacking the hosts.
  2. No leaving early.
  3. No calling the police.

Prescott further tells the hostages that for every cop he sees, the number of hostages killed is doubled. He also warns them against breaking any of his rules–he might overreact. He then turns and shoots Bly in the upper arm.

Michael approaches Bly and Prescott tells him to get away. Michael lies that he is doctor and that he must stop the bleeding or Bly will die. Prescott is willing to let him die. This makes Michael nervous. It seems that if the Bad Guys are willing to let hostages die, they won’t think twice about killing more of them. Michael begins to talk about the psychological impact a dying hostage will have on the other hostages. Michael sweet talks his way into helping Bly. Michael needs to remove the bullet.

Michael starts to plan an escape. It involves locating the data server and cutting through a wall into the next office. A hostage mentions that this is not going to be helpful since there is no way out of the office next door either. Michael tells him not to worry about it. There will be a way out.

Michael walks out of the conference room right past a couple of Bad Guys. They point a gun at him and tell him to stop. He tells them that he needs medical supplies. The man who appears to be 2nd in charge tells him to get back into the conference room. Michael reminds him that his boss said to stop the bleeding. In order to do that, he has to have tools–tweezers and propoxylene (common name Darvocet).

The hostages are a little confused as to the plan to cut through the conference room wall into the office next door. Bly assures them that although Michael is not his friend, he can save them. Luckily, one of the hostages was thinking on her feet and hid a pair of scissors in her pocket. Bly instructs a hostage to start cutting–starting at the electrical socket.

Michael rumages through a First Aid kit that he found in the bank kitchen area. He finds gauze, and asprin. He needs more than that, and wants to look in purses and desks for some stronger pain meds. He is also microwaving a bowl of hot water. Second in Command is not having any of that. Michael begins to go through people’s desks–he finds what looks to be a 5th of vodka in one desk. I think my productivity might go up if I could spike my Crystal Light with vodka every once in a while. The microwave beeps and Michael sends Second in Command back to get it. He pockets a smashed cell phone. While Second in Command is preoccupied, Michael accesses the main frame and hooks up the cell phone to it. It seems that a cell phone jammer is no match for an entire ethernet hooked into a cell phone.

Sam is eating lunch with Beer Distributor Woman. She is complaining about the stress of her job. She’s kidding, right? She also drops that she owns more than one beach house and has no intention of getting married. I can see why Sam likes her. She is perfect for him. She is also prime cougar material for any of the local frats. Sam’s cell phone rings, but only a number comes up and Sam decides to ignore it. It rings again and BDW asks if he needs to answer it. He says no. As BDW talks about her 6 or 7 beach houses, the phone continues to ring. Finally, Sam answers it and Michael gives him the 411 about what is happening at the bank. Sam asks what he needs. Michael wants Sam and Fiona to blast a hole in the wall of the bank. BDW asks if everything is ok, and Sam tells her the truth–which cracked me up for some reason. BDW wants to call the police, but Sam says not to and that he will call her in a bit.

Second in Command arrives at the conference room with Michael’s hot water. Since Michael hasn’t made it back to the conference room yet, a 2 man search party is sent out. Michael sneaks over to a bag that the robbers brought with them and makes some alterations to an air hammer. Michael continues to play a very sophisticated version of Duck and Cover around the bank cubicles. He starts to look a the medicine that he has collected. He VOs that mixing anxiety and allergy medications together are a scary collaboration. Michael pours out 2 pills from different bottles and begins walking back toward to conference room. He drops the pills into an energy drink being consumed by a robber. He enters the conference room and gets a very nice hello from Second in Command, who them punches Michael in the face, (Not the face, please!) and leaves the room. Michael crawls over to Bly and gently pulls his arm down. He rips his shirt and we see the gun shot wound. Michael gives Bly a pain pill and as he pours the liquor over the wound, tells him that the green chair from the loft was his favorite.

Sam is trying to hurry Fiona along. They are carrying large duffel bags and Sam is needling Fiona. Fiona may be a little perturbed that Michael didn’t call her first. I love this scene. It illustrates so perfectly how much faith these 3 have in each other. Fi and Sam don’t appear at all to be worried about Michael, instead it is all about insulting each other.

Michael is rooting around in Bly’s arm. Bly is handling this pretty well. Michael is an old pro at battle field surgeries, and finally removes the bullet. He begins to stitch up Bly’s arm. Bly is sitting pretty calmly for someone who not only was shot, but is being operated on without anesthesia. A hostage tells Michael that they are making progress, but that the guards keep checking on them. It will probably be another 2o minutes. Michael tells them to work faster.

Paula tells Michael that the robbers are taking everything. Michael wants an estimate for how long this will take. Paula isn’t sure since there are so many safety deposit boxes in the vault. Second in Command walks into the room, but not before the hostages cover up the hole they are sawing. Prescott wants Michael downstairs. Michael turns to Bly who thanks him. Michael grabs the first aid bag that he has filled with his MacGyver tools from around the office.

Sam and Fi arrive at the bank. Fi is a little put out to discover that not only does Sam not know what time Michael wants the bomb to go off. She is also confused about the bomb placement. Sam is not amused by her questioning. They not only didn’t discuss a signal, but they bypassed a discussion on shoes and movies as well. Silly Sam, if you had thrown in make up you could’ve had a perfect phone call trifecta.

Michael arrives in the vault to find Prescott and an injured robber. Michael’s tampering with the air hammer has paid off. The air hammer misfired and the piston is now embedded in the guys leg. Michael gives him some pills–without asking him what they are–and Michael requests the use of the gangs liquid nitrogen gun. The liquid nitrogen gun will cool a wound to -150, freezing the cells and cutting off blood flow. (I watched a news program once about people who feel that they have extra appendages and will purposely stick their arms or legs into dry ice to freeze the appendages off their body. It was strangely fascinating, but I felt sorry for them.) Michael wants Prescott to help by tying a towel around Injured Robbers leg. Prescott is reluctant, but finally agrees. He puts his weapon down on the floor and while he is preoccupied, Michael blast the liquid nitrogen into the silencer on the end of the gun. He also blasts the wound. Injured Robber is not as cool as Bly is about the injury. He is moaning and thrashing about. Second in Command tells Prescott to get up to the conference room.

Prescott and Michael head back upstairs. The hole in the wall that the hostages were cutting has been discovered. Second in Command wants the knife, but one of the hostages truthfully answer that they don’t have a knife. Bly makes a move to stand near Michael as Prescott beckons the hostage towards him. The hostage begins to beg for his life. Bly moves forward with the scissors to confess. Prescott is not happy about this and raises his gun. He fires it at Bly, but due to the Michael’s tampering, the gun blows apart in Bly’s hand. He screams for Second in Command to shoot Bly, but Michael steps in front of Bly, shielding him. Michael tells Prescott that his hand is gushing arterial blood and that if Bly is shot, Prescott will have to find another doctor. Prescott relents and tells Michael to come with him, and orders Second in Command to take the hostages downstairs. Bly looks very relieved.

As Michael is bandaging Prescott’s hand, Second in Command tells Prescott that they are running 20 minutes behind schedule and does he need to call the boat. Prescott orders Michael downstairs with the rest of the hostages. Michael falls into line with Bly. Bly wants to know about the escape plan. Michael tells him that he is working on a plan B. Does Bly trust him? Bly does, and wants to know what Michael needs. Michael tells him to pass out in a doorway (which is to the door where the main frame is), to really sell it and buy Michael some time. The words have not finished leaving Michael’s mouth before Bly is falling over. Prescott wants to know what is going on, and Michael tells him that Bly is going into shock and Michael needs a few minutes. Prescott gives him one. Michael calls Sam and tells him that plan A is shot, and that he is working on plan B. In the meantime, Michael wants him to try to figure out what is going on with the boat that Second in Command mentioned. Poor Fiona, she had just finished taping the explosive to the wall.

Bly lets out a subtle cough and Michael scurries away from the main frame. Along the way he picks up a door jam. As Micheal and Bly move downstairs, they pass an elevator. Michael slides the door jam into the wall in front of the elevator door.

Fi and Sam are arguing about what to do. Sam wants to try to pick up the frequency that Prescott is using to transmit his messages to the boat. Fiona wants to blast the hole in the wall and rush in. Sam dismisses her idea on the grounds that people might get hurt.

Energy Drink Robber is closing a door to another office that is the new home for the hostages. Second in Command picks up a bag and walks to the elevators. The elevator is not working, thanks to Michael’s sabotage. Michael is continuing his work on Prescott’s hand. He leans down toward his medical bag, and takes a metal rod from Prescott’s bag. Prescott is bemoaning the actual bank, believing that it is cursed. Michael wraps his hand but tells him that he needs some more tape and a splint. He can get some from upstairs. He asks Prescott if he would like some pain medicine. Prescott looks at him like he is an idiot–yes he wants something for the pain.

Sam and Fiona are in the car still trying to figure out the frequency. Sam turns his back to Fiona in the car to call BDW, who actually goes by the name of Angela. She answers her phone as she is sunning herself by the pool. She asks Sam about his friend and Sam tells her that he is still trapped in the bank but it’s a “quiet time”. Can she meet him later for mojitos? Angela had some plans with a friend, but…… Fiona interrupts to tell Sam that she found the frequency. Sam asks Angela to keep her evening open and that he will call her later. Sam hangs up and Angela looks a little worried. The frequency is encrypted so Fi and Sam can’t make out what is being said. Sam believes that there can’t be too many marinas around the bank that are in range of the walkie-talkies. A police car pulls up. Fiona and Sam decide that one of them needs to investigate the marinas and one needs to distract the police. Two guesses as to who does what.

The police man notices the delivery truck parked in front of the bank and begins to walk over to it. A man begins to yell behind him Fiona has stolen her tip jar. Fiona declares it compensation for all the leering. They both demand arrests. The police man tells that there will be no arrests. As Fiona suggests that they all down to the station, the police man is called away on another call.

Michael looks at Bly’s wound, and takes some medicine from him. He slips Bly a wrench, which I’m guessing was the thing I thought was a metal rod. He tells Bly that if there is trouble, he should make his move. Bly moves the wrench so that it is in him shirt sleeve. Michael VOs that there are some advantages to living with a hyp0condriac mother. Like knowing that in low doses, Pilocarpine(used to treat glaucoma)can cure dry mouth, but in large doses is the equivalent to a sarin gas attack. Prescott wants Michael to take them first. Michael swallows the pills. Prescott decides to wait and see how Michael fares before swallowing his. Perscott orders his men to finish clearing out the vault. Michael is looking for something to use a splint for Prescott’s hand. Energy Drink Robber follows Michael into the kitchen listing of some disturbing symptoms. His fingers are getting numb and he is feeling nauseous. Michael asks him about some other symptoms such as heart palpitations or tingling. He asks if Energy Drink Robber has consumed caffeine. Energy Drink Robber has, and wants to know if this is bad. Michael walks over to him to take his pulse. Michael applies pressure to Energy Drink’s carotid artery causing him to pass out. Michael takes the guy’s gun. Michael heads over to the trash can and sticks his finger down his throat to rid himself of the Pilocarpine pills.

Sam wanders down around the marina and figures out where the get away boat is stored.

The gun that Michael took from Energy Drink Robber has only one bullet left. Michael makes his move and overhears Prescott order everyone in the vault and that since people saw their faces, all the hostages must die.

Michael calls Sam and suggests that a little Operation Qucksilver. Sam is doubtful, but Michael tells him that he has to sell it. As Sam makes his move toward the boat, Angela calls to tell him that he doesn’t want to see him anymore. Sam tried to talk her out of it. The boat operator hears Sam and comes looking for him Sam has to disarm him while still on the phone with Angela. Realizing that Angela may be right, that his life may be a little too complicated. Sam agrees to not see her anymore. She kicks the Boat Operator on the back of the knee, telling him that he ruined something special.

Michael follows Prescott and 2 other robbers into the lobby of the bank. He has tucked the gun into the back of his pants. He tells them that their friend had a stroke and needs immediate medical attention. Prescott declines. Michael keeps after him saying that the guy is going to die unless he gets proper medical attention. Prescott is ok with the dying actually. He order Second in Command to shoot Michael. Suddenly a voice calls out for Prescott over the walkie talkie.

The boat operator spins a tale about how Prescott obviously didn’t know who owed the bank and that they are all dead. He does a pretty good job of selling it. Sam begins to talk to Prescott, threatening him about robbing “his” bank, He tells Prescott that if anyone is hurt, or if any money is missing, they will all die. Downstairs, the other robbers are listening to this on the walkie talkie while herding the hostages into the vault. Bly makes his move, knocking both men unconscious and stealing a gun. The hostages rush from the vault. Upstairs, Second in Command begins to yell at Prescott for getting them into this situation. Prescott is sure that the man threatening them on the walkie talkie is lying, but he doesn’t sound so sure. Michael weaves a story about the man on the walkie talkie bringing a man into his medical clinic. He ordered Micheal to keep the guy alive to prolong his pain. Michael recognizes the voice on the walkie talkie as this guy.

Prescott orders him men upstairs, but gets no response. Second in Command and Prescott argue a bit about what to do and finally Prescott picks up a bag and heads outside. As he gets to the door, his truck explodes. Awww, Fiona got to use her bombs! Prescott and Second in Command get into a standoff, both of them pointing guns at the other. Prescott gets the first shot off, hitting Second in Command in the heart. A security guard pulls a gun on Prescott and he gets shot too. Why was he out there? The security guy didn’t get rounded up with the hostages?

Prescott can’t believe it. He picks up the bag and walks through the blown out front door, but the police pull up and he is apprehended.

The hostages are consoling each other and leaving the bank. Michael wearily sits down in a chair next to Bly who wants to know where they were. Michael thinks that they were deciding whether or not to destroy each other. Michael pulls the liquor from his back pocket and takes a swig. Bly tells Michael that there were plenty of times that Michael could’ve let him die and didn’t. He is going to go to the local ER, then take care of the loft and Barry. Michael asks for one more favor. Bly just laughs.

Paula is recounting for Madeline how heroic Michael and Bly were. They walk into the kitchen, where Michael is pulling out a file that he hid in Madeline’s broiler. Madeline tries to sound insulted about not cooking, but Michael is not biting. After Michael patronizes Paula a little about her dating methods (Hello, Michael–you’re gf is a gun runner, I don’t think you have room to talk!), she thanks him and leaves. Michael says bye to Madeline. He has taken care of his toxic mold problem and the loft is safe again. Madeline is disappointed. She was going to order take out. Seeing her fallen face, Michael decides to stay for dinner. Madeline turns her frown upside down!

Michael and Barry meet again. Michael shares that Barry is off the hook. Bly will let him off the hook.Barry is leaving town. Michael joins Fiona and Sam for a drink. It seems that Sam is still gloating about Michael calling him first. Michael breaks it to Sam that he actually called Fiona first, but she didn’t answer, so from now on, Michael’s first call will be to Sam.

Michael is ducktaping his chair cushions back together. Michael gives Bly his blackmail folder. Michael asks Bly about the Cayman Island account. There is no name attached to the account. The bad news is that the account was monitored so whoever was trying to kill Michael knows that he is coming. They will be waiting. Bly and Michael shake hands and Michael looks over the folder with the information about who is out to kill him.


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