Burn Notice 6.01 “Scorched Earth” Preview and Prizes!

So Burn Notice fans, are you ready to get burned again? Only two more days until season 6 of Burn Notice kicks off on USA Network with the premiere episode “Scorched Earth” and to celebrate we have a cache of Burn Notice goodies any self respecting disavowed operative would kill to have. Plus we have video and images from “Scorched Earth”. But first, the schwag.

We have a copy of season 4 of Burn Notice AND a copy of The Fall of Sam Axe, both on DVD, to give away to two lucky Burn Notice fans. To win there are two ways to enter.

1) Like the TVOvermind Facebook page and leave a comment on the contest post there.

2) Follow the @TVOvermind twitter and tweet the following:

I’m following @TVOvermind for a chance to win a @BurnNotice_USA DVD. Tune in to the premiere Thursday @ 9pm/Est

And don’t worry, if you enter on both platforms we promise we won’t ‘burn’ you. Now about that premiere.

“Scorched Earth” picks up at the very second Burn Notice‘s insanely awesome 5th season finale left off with Michael hot on Anson’s trail and racing the clock to bring his old nemesis, and the man that Burned him to begin with, to justice. However, time may not be the only thing in Michael’s way! (No Spoilers!). Meanwhile Fiona is taken into Federal Custody after surrendering, and winds up coming face to face with an erstwhile nemesis of her own. And Sam … well, let’s leave a few things to the imagination. As you will no doubt see from the clips and pics below, the whole Burn Notice cruise is involved in the “Scorched Earth” action. No need to wait for Fall action-TV fans, your season starts this Thursday at 9PM EST on USA Network. Now spread the word, your Burn Notice prizes await.

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