Burn Notice ‘Mixed Messages’ Photo Preview – Fiona Rocking The Orange Jumpsuit

Burn Notice returns tonight, and the momentum is still high following last week’s awe-inspiring season 6 premiere. Of all of the Burn Notice crew Fiona is probably in the most dire circumstances, currently in federal custody and facing a very long stay in the hoosegow after turning herself in for Terrorism in a bid to get Michael out of his black-mail dilemma.

In “Mixed Messages” we also get to spend some time with Michael’s CIA mentor and surrogate father Tom Card, played by the always entertaining John C. McGinley. McGinley is the best out there when it comes to mixing Smart-Ass and Hard-Ass without becoming Total-Ass. His snide and slithery mannerisms are addictive as hell, and he lights up every scene he’s in. Scoring him for a major arch this season was all win for Burn Notice.

With Card entering the scene, I’m expecting Michael and crew’s mission to rescue Fiona from a life sentence is going to kick into high gear. The question is, after breaking an admitted terrorist out of a federal prison … what’s next? It’s not like Michael is a stranger to living off the grid, but obviously this is not going to end with an old western style jail break. All of his skills aside, I don’t think Michael could handle the heat that would come in the wake of that. It is certainly a predicament unlike anything we’ve seen on Burn Notice so far.

Burn Notice “Mixed Messages” will air at 9PM EST on USA Network. You can get a look at some of the action in store by clicking on the arrows up top.

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