10 Things You Didn’t Know about Caitlin Beadles

Caitlin Beadles

Dating a celebrity is one of the quickest ways to get thrust into the spotlight. This is something Caitlin Beadles knows all too well. Now in her 20s, Caitlin became well-known as a teenager due to her relationship with Justin Bieber. The two dated from 2008 to 2009 and are considered each other’s first love. Although their relationship was brief, it has not been forgotten. In the more than 10 years since their split, Caitlin has built a platform for herself and gained a following on social media. Although her link to The Biebs is still what she’s best known for, there’s much more to Caitlin Beadles that her past relationship. Check out these 10 things you didn’t know about Caitlin Beadles

1. Justin Bieber Dumped Her Due To His Schedule

As with any other celebrity break up, there are a couple of rumors floating around about why Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles went their separate ways. However, it appears Justin decided to end the relationship because his schedule was getting busy and he spent most of his time away on tour. Despite their relationship ending, the two continued to remain on good terms.

2. She Was In A Serious Jet Ski Accident

Caitlin Beadles life was changed forever during the summer of 2009. In August of that year, she was enjoying a day at a friend’s lake house when the teens decided to ride jet skis. When they jumped off of the jet ski because it had filled with water, Caitlin’s leg got caught in the propellors of a nearby boat. According to Caitlin, “The metal pole attached to the propeller went through my right leg and broke my femur. I looked back as soon as I was hit, and my friends on the canoe ran me over, too. The guy driving the boat didn’t even know he hit me so he kept driving.” Caitlin had to undergo numerous surgeries after the accident and had to get 6,000 stitches in her leg. She spent more than a year in physical therapy to regain her mobility.

3. She Is A Devout Christian

Caitlin has always had a spiritual foundation, but her relationship with God became even closer after the accident. Caitlin credits her faith and the faith of those around her with healing her from the tragic accident. Christianity continues to be a big part of her life and she is proud to share her beliefs via social media.

4. Her Brother Is An Actor

Caitlin Beadles’ younger brother is actor, Christian Beadles. He’s made several on screen appearances including a few episodes of the Lifetime series, Drop Dead Diva. Christian is also good friends with Justin Bieber and shares his sister’s strong faith in God and spirituality.

5. She Was The Captain Of Her High School Cheerleading Team

Although Caitlin dated Justin Bieber during her teenage years, in many ways, her teenage years were fairly typical. She was a member of her high school’s cheerleading team where she eventually became a captain. In addition to cheering at sporting events, Caitlin’s team also did competitions.

6. She Competed In Horseback Riding Competitions

Horseback riding was a major part of Caitlin Beadles’ life up until her accident in 2009. According to a website dedicated to equestrian fashion, Caitlin was an “avid equestrian since elementary school, Caitlin first began competing with much success on the local Atlanta-area circuit. She transitioned impressively to the A-circuit under former trainer, now amatuer, Susie Fried in 2008, placing well in the highly competitive field of Children’s Hunters.”

7. She Was Invited To Justin Bieber’s Wedding

Getting an invite to an exes wedding may seem a little strange, but for Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles it wasn’t a problem at all. Over the years, Justin and Caitlin have developed a genuine friendship, and he even referred to her as his “sister” in a 2017 Instagram post. Caitlin attended the wedding with her brother, Christian and the two seemed happy to see their friend tie the knot.

8. She’s May Be Dating A Former Bachelorette Contestant

Lately, the rumors mills have been buzzing with talk of a new relationship between Caitlin Beadles and former Bachelorette contestant, Luke Parker. The two have been spotted together on several occasions and things are looking pretty cozy. Although sources have said Parker and Beadles are in the process of getting to know each other, there hasn’t been any announcement of an official relationship between the two.

9. She Loves The Outdoors

Despite being seriously injured in a jet ski accident, Caitlin still loves going on adventures spending time outdoors. Caitlin enjoys hiking and sometimes even takes her dogs along for the journey. She is the type of person who is determined to live every moment to the fullest and be grateful for every opportunity she gets to experience something new.

10. She Runs A Dog Rescue Organization

Caitlin Beadles has a deep love for dogs and she’s transformed it into a dog rescue organization called Caitlin’s Vine of Bravery Dog Rescue. The organization focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating dogs who have suffered from abuse. Many of these dogs are then trained to be support/therapy dogs. Caitlin’s dog rescue also pays for medical treatment for dogs in shelters, visits sick children in hospitals, rescues puppies in trouble, and more.

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