Can Melissa McCarthy Deliver with “Life of the Party?”

I really had to pause for a moment after watching Melissa McCarthy in the trailer to Life of the Party. After that my only hope is that the trailer isn’t revealing the only truly funny bits, but with McCarthy I kind of doubt it since she’s capable of dialing the funny up to 11 and keeping it there for the majority of the movie. Her acting and her comedy are typically riotous and don’t stop until it’s necessary or the credits start to roll. Plus she looks great, as though the weight loss has really agreed with her. Before this new look she was still funny and quite attractive really. Even now she’s still a bigger woman but the look is something that a lot of people might think is something amazing.

Personally I don’t care. I liked her when she started and I like her now, she’s about as funny as a person needs to be and then some when it comes to comedy. Even the ill-fated Ghostbusters movie she starred in allowed her to be hilarious even if it was one of the least favorite movies of its time. That’s why I’ve got hope for her to deliver in this movie, she’s just funny and doesn’t hold back when it time to turn it on.

She plays a mother whose husband has obviously left her considering that she throws all of his stuff outside and sets fire to it, and who has only one regret, which is not finishing her college degree. Now that her daughter is grown up and off to college however she’s out of excuses and decides to enroll herself back into college. The only impediment to this that’s readily noticeable is that as an older woman coming into college today there are going to be some noticeable differences. It would seem that she and her daughter have a very unique bond however since it’s her daughter that ends up changing her look and getting her to be more social so that she can fit in. It almost feels like a move that’s bound to backfire since that’s typically how such movies go. But McCarthy’s films have gone a different direction before, so it might be that something unexpected could happen.

No matter what it is the one thing we can be assured of is that we’ll be laughing our butts off throughout the movie, or at least we hope that’s the case. Almost every film McCarthy has been in to date has been absolutely hilarious. Of course there will be those moments when the drama has to creep back in and make everything a bit more difficult or help to smooth things over, but the formula of the movies kind of depends on it. If you have all comedy and no resolution it still has to have the standard formula or things tend to fall apart. With McCarthy you already know that it’s bound to be funny and there’s going to be some slapstick thrown in for good measure. But it should be a touching story as well as a laugh riot.

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