You Can Now Own a Piece of “Godfather II” Estate in Lake Tahoe

If you have never seen The Godfather, you are one of the very few individuals that hasn’t seen the movie at least once. After all, this particular movie is easily regarded as one of the best cinematic works of all time and it has proven that it has more than enough staying power to influence audiences that weren’t even born when the movie was made. The truth is, this is a film that is exceptionally popular among many people from all walks of life. As such, a lot of individuals have seen it enough times to be able to recite the lines before the actors do. If you have always wanted to own a little piece of history from this movie, you might be glad to know that the iconic mansion that was featured in the movie is now up for sale.

The house itself is nothing short of spectacular. It is an extremely large piece of property that you could easily get lost in. In fact, you could probably have a handful of people running around that property all day long without ever actually seeing each other face-to-face. Better yet, the house sits on Lake Tahoe, right up against the water. The boat docks are fancier than most houses, and that is just something to get you started. If you’ve always dreamed about having a luxurious home to live in and you want a piece of cinematic history, this is your chance to get both things at one time.

Despite the fact that the house was built in 1938, it still looks exceptionally good. In fact, it could have easily rival any mansion that was built today. It’s spacious, beautiful, and provides more than enough room for you to do virtually anything your heart desires. There is no doubt there will be a lot of competition for this house. If you are considering buying it, there might be just one small problem. They are asking a mere 3.7 million dollars for the property. To be more exact, it is just a little over 3.7 million dollars, which obviously will cut down on the number of prospective buyers fairly quickly.

Granted, the asking price is going to dash the dreams of many would-be home buyers that are also fans of The Godfather movie. There is no doubt that this house is going to go to someone that already has a lot of extra cash to spend, but if you have the cash on you, why not pick up a piece of cinematic history for yourself?

Right now, it is impossible to tell how long the house will be on the market or who will eventually purchase it. You can be sure of one thing, whoever gets it is going to have a great piece of property in a beautiful, scenic location where they can really enjoy everything life has to offer. Since that is really what life is all about anyway, you can bet that somebody will snatch it up and make it their own.

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