Can We Please Stop With the Fantastic Four Movies?

Fantastic Four

If nothing else it might be time to admit that the Fantastic Four needs a serious look and a director that’s not going to make a running mockery of the team. Now it might not be a popular statement, but when compared to the last attempt, the movies that starred Chris Evans and Jessica Alba were actually preferable to the hot mess that was released in 2015. Not only did they butcher Dr. Doom, they created a team that was so extremely dysfunctional that it took a miracle to believe that they could ever come together for a common cause. Placing Micheal B. Jordan as Johnny Storm was something that created a bit of controversy among fans since from their inception the Fantastic Four were four white individuals, and switching up the lineup like this left a lot of people with something to say, whether it was positive or not. But do we really need another Fantastic Four after so many misfires?

It would appear the answer is yes since Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb seems intent on talking about another adaptation of the famed Marvel team that seems to be an idea at the moment that, according to the picture accompanying the article, might be thinking about taking John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Zac Efron. Right now it’s more of a concept than anything since Miles Teller from the 2015 movie still seems interested in pursuing his role as Reed Richards yet again, but as we saw in that movie the thing fell apart before it ever got off the blocks. Marvel comics fans know very well the origin of the team and how they came to be, and like it or not, but the movies that came about in the 2000s were much, MUCH closer than what we got in 2015. The cosmic rays that granted the team their powers were better represented in the Chris Evans version and what came in 2015 was kind of an insult to a lot of fans, particularly when Doom came into the picture as a metal-encased madman with more powers that no one could recall the character ever having.

At this point people don’t want to give up on the Fantastic Four so much as they want to see a real and honest representation on the big screen of a team that predates a lot of characters in the MCU. Now that Disney has acquired these characters it’s time to finally do them some justice and follow the source material as closely as possible. But then again this is Disney so it’s possible that such a thing will be talked about but never done. After all considering what’s happened in some of the other MCU movies, story lines being altered, characters being altered, and various other elements being given over to directors to play with, it’s not too likely that we’ll see a Fantastic Four that won’t make people groan and wonder why anyone would even consider trying again. Maybe the next time will be the charm, but people aren’t going to be holding their breath waiting to be amazed any longer since the last three movies tested their patience a little too much.

With that in mind though it begs the question of whether or not they will ever be seen in the MCU or if they’ll at least be relegated to the small screen. After all they are a part of the MCU no matter what and despite the argument that we still haven’t seen a lot of heroes and villains the FF are still one of the more influential teams since each one of their members has interacted with other teams in the Marvel universe more than once in the past. There was actually an idea of bringing the X-Men and FF into a movie together as there was a story in the comics that saw the two teams at odds with each other, but obviously that never came about. According to Joshua Yehl of IGN this movie idea came about in 2010 but it never got off the ground and by the time X-Men: First Class came around the execs thought it was such a big hit that they abandoned the crossover idea.

At this time that’s what it might take though to get a decent FF movie, a crossover in which they feature as one of the premiere groups, almost as was seen in Civil War. It’s too soon to think about it perhaps, but the Infinity Gauntlet was followed by The Infinity Crusade as well, which was about the same kind of story with a different angle to it. But all in all, if the FF are going to be brought into the MCU it definitely needs to be crossover with a more popular group or individual in order to give them a proper entrance and bolster them just enough to make people believe in the team once again. Otherwise Disney will just keep spinning its wheels.

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