10 Things You Didn’t Know about Candiace Dillard

Candiace Dillard

Anytime you see one of the members of the Real Housewives shows come up in the news a lot of people are bound to think that it has something to do with the drama that these shows seem to thrive on. Candiace Dillard is no exception to that rule as despite being a successful individual she’s fed into the machine and become just as much a part of this melodrama as anyone, more so than others in fact since she’s taken the lead a time or two. While many people are entitled to their opinions of her and will no doubt decline to hold back when giving them, it’s usually more fair to say that while she might be kind of a pain to watch at times there are those that will defend her and state that she has every right to act the way she does, which is correct. The truth is that it’s a show, and Candiace and those around her are bound to give a performance now and then, no matter how real or fake parts of it might be.

Here are a few things about Candiace you might not have known.

10. Her social media presence isn’t quite as big as you would think.

For the housewives there are usually a lot of people that are willing to get online and follow their accounts to see what kind of drama might be cropping up, but Candiace’s account is substantial but not overwhelming in numbers. It could be that she’s not on it as much as others.

9. It sounds as though she hasn’t had the best relationship with her mom at times.

From what it sounds like and the reaction she gave when Ashley spoke of her mother it would appear that things between Candiace and her mom are not all that great, as she becomes highly sensitive when her mother is mentioned.

8. She did come at one of her costars with a knife apparently.

The argument that spurred this on had to do with her and Ashley going at one another over a matter that might have been handled a lot differently. But the knife in question looked to be a butter knife, which means that there might not have been a great deal of damage done. Of course many would report that Candiace ‘threw’ the knife at Ashley as well, but it didn’t go much further than this.

7. Candiace owns and runs three different businesses.

She’s definitely not the kind of housewife that simply kicks back and has to invent things to do, as she’s created and built three of her own businesses that make a great deal of money and have propelled her in to the limelight a time or two.

6. She was Miss United States in 2013.

This is a part of where her fame really started as winning a pageant like this comes with a number of perks, not the least of which is the opportunity to start enjoying the spotlight as it puts a person in the eyes of the public.

5. Her net worth is around $4.5 million.

Christina Montford from Showbiz CheatSheet compiled a list of how much the RHOP are worth and it would seem that Candiace comes in at a pretty high mark as she’s amassed a good deal of money in her time, though not as much comes from the show as you might think.

4. She actually wonders if fan reactions to her feud with Ashley is due to colorism.

Those that have been watching the show might know more about this feud than others, but given the backlash that has come from the fans, who are divided over who to support, Amanda Anderson-Niles from Urban Belle has written that Candiace believes it might be due to colorism, a belief that her skin tone is being used as a means to discriminate against her. Yeah, no, probably not.

3. Her show is popular but it’s still not quite as well-known as other Housewives shows.

Seriously, with all the housewives shows that have popped up over the years it’s kind of hard to pay attention to all of them and really get into the same mood to watch a single episode when the drama continues to be the same from show to show.

2. One has to wonder how much of the drama on the show is real.

Some of it seems rather played up and not at all genuine, as though the producers have deemed that the issues that might be taken care of in a calm and rational manner need to be blown out of proportion as much as possible in order to keep the viewers happy.

1. Candiace has a bit of a temper.

Whether it’s faked or not, it does appear as though Candiace might have a bit of a temper at times.

You can roll your eyes or shake your head, it’s all the same.

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