Captain Marvel 2 is Happening With a New Director

Captain Marvel

It’s not much of a surprise that Captain Marvel 2 is on the way is it? As Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has stated though it would appear that Disney is currently looking for a female director to take the helm which is bound to make a lot of eyes roll not for the fact that Disney wants a woman in the director’s seat, but because of the reasoning that might lie behind it. In reality it’s hard not to state that Captain Marvel was filled with a great deal of  ‘girl power’ sentiment and continued to push the narrative that ‘the future is female’. Okay, great, it was a fun action movie and contributed quite a bit to the MCU since it was a box office success and it introduced a popular character that a lot of people happen to like and is a very heavy hitter in the Marvel universe. But the overall feeling of needing to make everything about gender and how women are tired of being pushed around dampened the joy for quite a few people, especially in the wake of Brie Larson and her infamous words when it came to who she wanted to have priority when it came to reviewing the movie. Yeah, things got a tad bit messy thanks to the overall attitude that was pushed along with the movie, but hopefully this won’t be the case for Captain Marvel 2 since there’s a great deal of potential and whether it has a male or female director shouldn’t matter so long as the story is sound and the delivery is just as great as the first movie.

What’s amusing is that Captain Marvel was lauded as the most powerful character in the MCU, but that opinion has kind of changed since 2019 as another name has been tossed out there as one of the most powerful members of the Marvel universe. Carol Danvers is certainly a powerhouse and we’ve seen as much from the fact that she can destroy entire space cruisers on her own and weather a barrage of firepower that would likely set most of the Marvel heroes on their heels if not annihilate them entirely. There’s still a debate among fans as to who could take on the might she wields and who would fall in an instant, but thus far she’s still considered one of the strongest and most capable heroes in the entire MCU. That kind of leaves the question of who she’ll be facing off against in the next movie since it sounds as though it’s going to feature her in modern times, though we’re not being given much more than that to go on at the moment. Thankfully we’ll have moved beyond the 90s and while it’s not for certain if Samuel L. Jackson will return it’d be nice to see him come back and possibly be his older, ass-kicking self rather than the slightly comical individual we had to watch in the first movie.

If there was a legitimate gripe against the first movie it’s that it took a character that people already liked and made him kind of a goofy caricature of the guy that he’d already been seen as in previous movies. Unfortunately the rationale does appear to be that Fury was still getting started in his career, but for comic fans that still wasn’t quite good enough since Fury has almost always been something of a badass and to see him reduced to a role in which he’s basically out of his league and is able to be bossed around was kind of hard to sit through. Again, the movie was great for an action movie, but it still felt as though it received just a little too much hype for what we received. Yes, people will argue against that and will likely claim that anyone saying such a thing didn’t get the whole gist of the movie. Honestly we did, and it still didn’t feel like the mega-blockbuster that so many are still willing to call it. Let the box office numbers say what they will, curiosity is a big reason why a lot of people go to the movies and as a result curiosity and the hope of seeing something entertaining is why box office numbers rise, while comments and opinions tell the truth later on. Captain Marvel did tell an inspiring story and did give rise to a hero that is likely going to be quite important throughout the next few phases of the MCU, but whether she can take the franchise on her shoulders as Iron Man did has yet to be seen, though it will be impressive if she can. Angela Watercutter of Wired has more to say that might support this. At this time it sounds as though the movie might not make it to the big screen until phase 5, possibly by 2022, but there will be plenty going on before that point.

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