Casting Begins for Pillars of the Earth Sequel World Without End

Pillars of the Earth, a Starz miniseries that aired in July and August of last year, isn’t exactly a one-off sort of thing. You see, its source novel of the same name (by author Ken Follett) has a sequel, World Without End. It isn’t a direct sequel; World Without End is set two centuries after and features the descendants of the characters of Pillars. Now, it’s been announced that we have several of those descendants.

The first is Rubicon star Miranda Richardson (pictured). Richardson will reportedly play Mother Cecilia, a “strong and determined woman. Cynthia Nixon, of Sex and the City fame, will portray the “deadly” Petranilla.

Also cast is Spooks alum Peter First as Earl Roland, Ben Chaplin as Sir Thomas Langley, and Charlotte Riley (Wuthering Heights) as “visionary” lead character Caris, who begins to lead an uprising to stand against the king and the church. Nora von Waldstatten, Sarah Gadon, Megan Follows, Rupert Evans, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen all have as-yet unnamed roles in the adaptation, which is slated to begin filming next month.

There’s no word whether the series will also air on Starz (who aired Pillars of the Earth in the U.S.), but the eight-part miniseries will air on Channel 4 in the UK sometime in 2012.

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