Casting a Live Action Frozone Movie

A lot of people would likely say that there’s not enough material on Frozone, a character off of the popular film The Incredibles, to really make it work. But this is Hollywood, it’s a superhero movie, so yes, there is PLENTY to make it work. Likely as not you’d have to bring in the Parr family just to even the film out a bit, but from there on you could really get creative. It could explore Frozone’s backstory, his arch-enemies (because every hero needs at least one) and it could explore his family dynamic if there is one. There’s plenty of directions to go, it’s all a matter of which director would be best suited for the job.

Here are a few ideas.

Director – Brad Bird

He’s done an awesome job so far with the movies so why not let him keep going? Plus, he actually voices one of the crucial characters as Edna E Mode, so it might make more sense to keep him in.

Frozone/Lucius Best – Tyler James Williams

If it was going to be another cartoon I’d go ahead and say Samuel L. Jackson because he plays such an awesome role. His voice alone helps out this movie in ways that one can just barely describe. But for a live action role it would almost have to be Williams because of his build and the fact that he can be amusing as well as serious as has been proven by his work on The Walking Dead and his current role on Dear White People. He’s a talent that needs to be tapped quickly.

The Underminer – Jack Black

You’d need a shorter actor for this and while Jack Black isn’t exactly Hobbit-sized he can definitely pull off a role such as. If you’re wondering whether or not the Underminer was actually killed in the game keep in mind, this is Disney. For as many ways out as there might be for the good guy, there’s probably just as many if not more for the bad guy.

Syndrome – Zac Effron

Keep in mind I’m spitballing here, but Effron seems like the kind of guy that can play a role of someone that’s got something to prove, and someone that could hold a grudge. Remember that Syndrome was supposedly killed when he got his cape stuck in a turbine. Once again, Disney and movie magic combined can do almost anything to bring a character back in some way. Effron seems like he’d be able to bring this character a well-needed inferiority complex.

Mr. Incredible – Chris Pratt

Stay with me on this one. He could go blonde, he’s big enough in body shape, and he’s just extremely funny. He could do this role justice like no one could. If Craig T. Nelson, the actor that did Bob’s role to start with, was any younger and any more fit I’d say go with him. But Mr. Incredible is still a fairly young guy and as such would need that kind of representation.

There’s plenty of material to start a Frozone live action film. Let’s get going Hollywood.


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