Casting What We Think Would be a Great Kiss Biopic

There was a time when badmouthing or saying anything derogatory about the band KISS would be met with a great deal of derision and hatred from the most staunch KISS fans since at one point in history they were one of the biggest names in rock. To be fair and accurate they’re still one of the biggest names, but from a more legendary standpoint since, like it or not, their time has come and gone. What’s left are the amazing memories of that long-ago time and the memories that are still to be made thanks to their current End of the Road tour that’s been covered by and many others. For a long time KISS has been seen as one of the greatest but also controversial bands since their style seemed to really cause worry among some that they were anything but loved by the elitists of the industry. In fact Marc A. Thiessen of The Washington Post, an admitted member of the KISS Army in his day, goes on to state just how the band was shunned and even scorned time and again by those that thought that their music and their style was nothing more than a sideshow. But you know what? That sideshow went on to amass a following unlike anything that had been seen in that era, and largely because they were seen as anti-establishment and were giving their fans a voice when they seemed to have none. The idea that it took them so long to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is further proof that the music industry was against them from the get, at least in the minds of many.

This is the kind of band that people look up to quite often since they were out to have a good time and entertain the people, not just make a quick buck and fade off into the distance as millionaires. The kind of music they played was a precursor to the days that would come after when those coming up through the ranks were ready and willing to shout to the heavens just how they felt and what inspired them the most, and few bands ever did it better. At this point it would seem that a biopic is only a foregone conclusion, as many people, including those on, are dying to see if this project ever comes to light.

With that in mind, here are just a few personal picks as to who might be able to step into the roles of the original band members and make this biopic work.

Gene Simmons – Michael Shannon

Keep in mind these are personal picks so if you have someone in mind shout them out by all means. Michael Shannon though is someone that’s been coming up the ranks and has shown a lot of promise in the last several years. As someone that can play a gruff and imposing character it seems that he would excel as Gene and possibly give a great accounting of the character that he played on stage so often.

Paul Stanley – Woody Harrelson

This might seem like an odd choice but no one can deny that Woody is a great actor since he’s shown up in so many different movies and played so many different roles. He’s had his fair share of mishaps and forgettable performances but overall he’s been one of those in Hollywood that’s a mainstay and is always there and dependable when you need him. Plus, his lack of hair isn’t a big issue since Hollywood can do just about anything and hair is one of those minor inconveniences that can be fixed up in a jiffy. Plus, his acting is great enough that he could pull it off without a problem.

Eric Singer – Johnny Depp

It’s pretty obvious that not every part would be perfectly cast since everyone has their own opinion about who would fit into a role and who simply doesn’t have what it takes. The current feeling about Johnny Depp is kind of mixed thanks to the continued fallout from his split with ex-wife Amber Heard, but this obviously hasn’t affected his acting talent in any way since he’s put forth one great performance after another. Casting him in this movie would give it just a bit more star power and thus cement the fact that it is a seriously epic story that people want to hear and will be excited to see.

Peter Criss – Tim Roth

Tim Roth is the kind of actor you usually don’t see coming since he’s played some roles in the past that didn’t seem like they were meant for him. But that being what it is he’s still a skilled and very talented actor that can take on just about any role and make it work for him since he’s fully capable of shifting gears when he needs to. If nothing else he would put forth a convincing performance and leave people thinking that the casting director had made the right choice.

By all means though, if you have other actors to recommend feel free to do so.

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